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How to Keep Your High-Traffic Floor Clean?

Cleaning your floors on a regular basis can help keep them from being scratched or stained. Here are some methods for keeping your floors in high-traffic areas clean and safe | Edomey commercial cleaning services.

Increased foot traffic is excellent for your company, but it's bad news for your flooring. Especially, if your office is in Vancouver downtown and you don't clean your floors often enough, they may become shabby looking as well as cause long-term harm from the buildup of dirt and debris.

It's not difficult to keep your flooring in high-traffic areas clean; all you need is a little elbow grease and a few mats. Here's how to keep your flooring looking its best by avoiding scuffs and stains.

Keep It Simple and Clean in Your Design

Design your facilities with cleanliness in mind if you can.

When the structure is first constructed, you could choose to use a hard surface for the entryway and subsequently carpet the inside.

Hard surfaces aren't only a good idea for your front door. Where hard surfaces aren't already in place, consider putting them in:

- Break room

- Kitchen

-Recycling station

- A place to hang raincoats and keep muddy or otherwise filthy footwear should also be provided.

As the last step, make sure you have a clearly defined cleaning closet with all the essential cleaning supplies and make sure your staff knows where this closet is.

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Cleaning on a regular basis

Regular cleaning is the first line of defence. A daily cleaning plan may be sufficient in certain common spaces but may be necessary for others such as the entryway, lobby, hall, or elevators.

How often you clean matters, too. In order to avoid having to continually deal with customers or renters, schedule cleanings during off-peak hours when there is less traffic. It's also safer since it allows floors to dry without interruption, which decreases the risk of a slip and fall disaster.

It's time to assess the flooring after you've decided the proper frequency of treatment. Cleaning methods for various types of flooring should be adjusted accordingly. Sweeping and wet-cleaning of hard surface floors, such as hardwood, vinyl, or tile, should be done throughout the day to keep them clean. Carpets, on the other hand, should be vacuumed at least once a day.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning services team like Edomey could be an optimal way to keep the office clean for your executives. You could request one day of cleaning per week or six-day a week cleaning which depends on your decision as we all want to keep employees and clients safe.

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Investing in floor mats for the foyer

Using walk-off mats at entrances and exits is the most effective approach to keep dirt from spreading throughout the facility. Because they catch dirt, water, and big debris from shoes, rugs and mats not only keep your flooring clean in heavy traffic areas, but they also save you money by cutting down on the number of times you have to clean it. Abrasive substances, such as salt and other salts, may cause long-term harm to your flooring if they aren't properly protected.

What to consider?

- Maintain their integrity by making sure they are secure, level, and don't obstruct door movement. A tripping hazard is created when a mat is too loose.

- Deep cleaning or replacement of rugs is recommended at least once a month. Professional rug cleaning services are available from a variety of businesses.

Deep cleaning

Edomey cleaners that specialize in deep cleaning use a more aggressive approach to remove accumulated dirt and grime and restore your floor's lustre to like-new condition. Resurfacing or refinishing the floor is typically used in conjunction with this.

Your floors will last longer and look better if you do a yearly thorough cleaning. It's essential to keep your floors in high-traffic areas clean on a regular basis, but nothing compares to a thorough deep clean.

It takes a lot of effort to run an administrative office or a residential condominium complex. Keep your property clean, secure, and inviting with the aid of Grandmother's Touch. Your facility will always be shining clean thanks to our quick commercial cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services. You can count on the Edomey | Janitorial Cleaning Services team to provide you with pleasant, detail-oriented commercial cleaning service for your business on a weekly basis in Vancouver, BC. Get a free estimate from our consultation right now!