Hotel Cleaning 101: Tips to Clean Hotel After The Pandemic

Since the Globe Health Organization designated the latest coronavirus outbreak, hotels all around the world have been scrambling to adapt new cleaning and sanitization practices. "Hospital-grade disinfectants," plexiglass barriers, and hand-sanitizing stations were constructed, and visitors and workers were compelled to wear face masks, and commercial cleaning services in Vancouver became more popular.

With the number of cases on the rise, it’s important to do what you can to keep your hotel clean and build guest confidence. Edomey | Vancouver commercial cleaning services will provide some important tips that you can not miss. Learn more about how to keep your hotel clean and reach out to us to schedule Vancouver commercial cleaning today!

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There are thousands of hotels in the Vancouver downtown area that declared the reopening status after the social limit restriction is no longer valid and they have been serving a significantly increased amount of foot traffic into the hotel every day. All major hotel chain in Vancouver has launched a cleaning campaign emphasizing new disinfection and sterilization techniques. Many corporations hired commercial cleaning services companies in Vancouver, others use cleaning robots with in-house cleaners, and all claim to be cleaning more than they ever have before. Their message is simple: hotels are spotless.

Poor cleaning is more likely to turn away hotel visitors than uncomfortable mattresses, bad service, or itchy bathrobes. Complaints or unfavourable reviews are acceptable if your visitors are met by filth, hair or dust in their room, whether you manage a small B&B or a five-star hotel. This may be a serious problem for your company, considering that so many clients these days check internet reviews before making hotel reservations.

Creating A Housekeeping Plan

There are widely-known methods to maintain your hotel spotless, such as hiring a commercial cleaning services company in Vancouver that is professional in commercial cleaning services. Without that, you will need to have an effective housekeeping plan for your hotel. That entails figuring out how many people you need for each shift and preparing a checklist for each location to guarantee that cleaning requirements are followed.

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When the hotel is at varying levels of occupancy, it's critical to know how many commercial cleaning services employees need to be on duty. A cleaning employee can clean a room in around 45 minutes, however, it may take less time if just a basic turn-down service is required. Depending on the size of the rooms, an employee working an eight-hour job (with a 30-minute break) may clean roughly ten guest rooms every shift.

You should be able to figure out how many employees you need at any one moment by multiplying the total number of occupied rooms by 10. Even while the amount given here is a rough estimate, it does not take into account the fact that cleaning personnel cannot work continuously without a break, and that you will also need additional workers to cover vacations and sick days.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Cleaning A Hotel Room

From the time your employees enter a space, they should know precisely what to do to ensure that nothing is neglected or forgotten. You may aid your employees by providing them with a cleaning checklist to follow.

Whenever working with a commercial cleaning services company like Edomey, you will be fully provided with a recommended cleaning checklist from commercial cleaning services professionals like Edomey Cleaning. You may use our step-by-step recommendations to construct your own customized checklists for cleaning a hotel bedroom and bathroom. The honeymoon suite is likely to have different cleaning needs than your typical economy room, so keep this in mind while creating checklists for your various room types.

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To acquire a dazzling, five-star clean that will guarantee your visitors are delighted with the quality of their accommodation, your housekeepers should carry out the following measures in each bedroom before greeting a new guest:

Believe it or not, clean floors are one of the most important elements of guest confidence. If your guests walk into your lobby and see dirt, grime, and stains all over the floor, they likely aren’t going to feel very confident about the level of cleanliness in their rooms. Our team at Edomey recommends thoroughly cleaning all floors, including carpet, linoleum, hardwood, etc.

1. Fresh Air: Be sure to let fresh air into the room by opening all of the windows and balcony doors before you begin. This will assist to ventilate the space and eliminate the residual scent of any cleaning agents. Keeping the main entrance open while cleaning is also a good idea to improve airflow.

2. Make the bed: Launder the sheets in the housekeeping cart's laundry container. There is no need to replace a visitor's bedding if he or she has been in the same room for more than one night; in this situation, the housekeeper should just reorganise and prepare the room for the next guest. To request a complete linen change, some hotels offer a card that the guest may put on the bed or doorknob.

3. Take out the trash: Empty the trash cans and clear the room of any clutter. Refill the trash cans with fresh liners.

4. Get rid of the soiled cups. Restock the hot drink service (if there is one) with clean cups, mugs, and crockery, and replace any that have been used. Items stolen from the mini-bar should be recorded and replaced in accordance with your hotel's policy..

5. Dusting: All surfaces should be dusted, beginning at the top and going down to the bottom. The tops of cabinets and cupboards, as well as the fixtures on the ceiling, are all easy-to-forget places to neglect to dust. If your hotel has tall ceilings, a telescopically extendable duster might be a lifesaver!

6. Inspect and clean upholstered items: A particular brush attachment is needed for vacuuming upholstered furniture. Cleanliness and lifespan are both enhanced when they are kept free of allergies and dirt. A vacuum attachment may also be used to clear dust off curtains.

7. Surfaces should be sanitized: Sanitize and disinfect every surface. If there are any guest items in the way, gently move them to one side while you work, and then neatly reinstall them when you've finished cleaning. Closet and wardrobe doors should also be wiped off.

8. Make a new bed: Check the mattress for damage or wear and notify the shift manager if you find anything. To make the bed in your hotel's style, lay new sheets and pillowcases on the bed if there are no concerns. Replace cushions or throws with new ones.

9. Electrics should be cleaned and dusted: Remove any electronic devices, such as guest phones or TVs and disinfect them. Make sure to wipe the screens of your televisions with a clean, dry cloth.

10. Floor: You don't have to worry about making additional work for yourself by re-cluttering the floor during other cleaning operations if you clean the floor last. Carpets and hard floors should be vacuumed from the inside out, beginning in an inner corner and moving out towards the entrance, to provide a thorough clean.

11. Windows: Imagine checking into a beautiful hotel, gazing out the window, and noticing smudges all over. In order to ensure your guests that proper cleaning measures have been taken throughout each room, don’t forget the windows! Clean windows will reassure your guests that each room is sparkling clean. Close all windows and do one last verification: It's best to keep the windows and balconies shut. An air freshener may be used to remove any remaining chemical odours. If your hotel's thermostat has been tinkered with, reset it to its default setting. Check the room one more time to make sure nothing has been overlooked before the room is shut and locked up.

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Deep cleaning

Aside from the regular cleaning checklist and some professional deep cleaning equipment, you may need to go farther to ensure the cleanliness of your rooms. Every three months, you should do the following tasks:

- Steam carpet cleaners may be used to thoroughly clean carpets.

- Steam clean upholstered furniture and curtains using a specific attachment.

- Using a floor polisher, you may bring new life to worn-out hardwood and tile floors.

- Purge it of all odours and wash the mattress cover and any other protective items. Depending on the kind of mattress, it may be necessary to rotate it every six months or as directed on the label.

- Every month, wash your pillow protectors. Every six months, you should also wash your pillows. At least once every two years, or whenever they begin to lose their form, pillows should be changed.

Take into account the fact that you'll need to allot more time to complete these errands. When possible, schedule them during a time when your hotel's rooms aren't completely filled.

Cleaning Bathroom: Step By Step Instruction

A thorough cleaning of the bathroom is necessary since this area is more prone to build-ups of filth, grime, mould, and hair than the bedroom. If you want to impress your visitors, the bathroom should seem absolutely clean and new: there should be no sign that it has been used lately.

In order to maintain a clean and healthy washroom, your employees should follow the following steps:

1. Open all the windows: Open the windows or turn on the ventilation systems to get some fresh air into the room and get rid of the lingering scent of cleaning chemicals.

2. Towels and mats: should be removed and disposed of in the laundry bag. Most hotels follow the standard procedure of asking visitors to replace their used towels on the rail with clean ones if they want to reuse them. Set aside any towels that a visitor wishes to reuse.

3. Remove the trash: Clean out the trash and replace the bin liner.

4. Guests' personal items: should be properly arranged so that cleaning may be done without interference. Once the cleaning is complete, they should be carefully reinstalled.

5. Make sure the bathroom and/or shower are clean: To restore a gleaming 'as new' look, use a bathroom surface cleaner or glass cleaner to remove water stains and soap scum from glass, tile, and chrome shower fittings and taps. Remove any hairs from the drain with extreme caution. The floor supervisor should be notified if there is any standing water in the shower, since this might suggest a more significant drain issue.

6. Wipe out the sink and surrounding countertop with an antibacterial bathroom cleanser and a microfiber cloth. When you're done with the taps, wipe them down to eliminate any stains left behind by water. Be cautious not to leave streaks or spots on the mirror as you wipe it. Make that the plughole is free of obstructions.

7. A disinfectant and bleach: should be used to completely clean the toilet. After flushing, the bleach should be disposed of. Keep an eye out for any buildup of limescale and filth beneath the seat's rim and around its joints. Long-lasting freshness may be achieved by installing toilet refreshing equipment. Close the lid and lower the seat after you're done using it.

8. Vacuum the corners of the ceiling: as well as the areas behind and below towel racks, to eliminate any buildup of dust or cobwebs. If there are any pipes visible, such as those behind the toilet or under the sink, make sure to dust them.

9. Clean the towel rack: This may collect a lot of dust and filth, so don't forget to do this.

10. Stock up on toilet paper and other necessities: Please replenish any guest toiletries that have been used by your guests. Stock up on toilet paper and drinking glasses.

11. Replace any dirty towels and bath mats: with new ones, as well as any filthy robes and slippers. Fold the towels neatly and re-hang them on the towel rack if the visitor has chosen to reuse them.

11. The floor: should be swept or vacuumed, then cleaned with a mop and a hard floor cleaner. To avoid destroying all your hard work, it's better to clean this area last, just as you would the bedroom. Work your way toward the entrance from an inside corner.

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As a hotel owner, you have lots to worry about! Between booking guests, coming up with activities, focusing on your staff, and worrying about daily business operations, you may not have time to worry about cleaning every single space. If that’s the case, we recommend hiring our commercial cleaners at Edomey! Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, and we can help you clean every inch of your hotel to provide guests with confidence.

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