Floor Strip Seal and Wax Service commercial cleaning

Floor Strip Seal and Wax Service

Edomey | Janitorial Cleaning Services provides complete commercial cleaning floor care services. We are experts in taking on any commercial floors that need to be stripped sealed and waxed. Our professional services use only the highest quality stripper, wax, auto scrubbers, swing machines, wax mops, and equipment to complete our services. This complete approach allows us to be industry leaders in floor care. We are able to provide commercial floor services including strip seal and waxing to all VCT tile floors in businesses, stores, malls, hospitals, gyms, and recreation centers, basically any location with VCT tile.

The floors in your business are often the very first impression your clients and guests will see. Let us care for your floors. We use the best floor care supplies and equipment to strip the existing wax dirt and grime off your floors. We then use a swing machine to fully strip and prep the floor, before fully cleaning your floors with a neutral cleaner to ensure the surface is clean and has the perfect PH balance. Then we will apply the desired amount of high-quality wax to ensure that the floors will shine.

Most of our clients that have used our strip seal and wax services also set up “regular floor care services" as well. We can schedule to auto scrub and burnish your floors on a weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or semi-annual basis.

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