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Find A Professional Commercial Cleaning Team Before Christmas Arrive!

The Christmas season is approaching, apparently accompanied by a significant wave of the customer and online orders that will flood out all businesses like Dental Clinics , Beauty Salons, or Business Offices, etc. Retailers or service-providing businesses are all expected to experience a higher number of face-to-face clients than they have in the last few months since the pandemic began. Preparing the store's hygiene for the increase in these activities is vital to ensuring that everyone has a safe and clean holiday season.


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With COVID fears lingering, internet purchasing is more popular than ever. The holiday season is upon and retailers are preparing for the influx of online customers and the need to deliver their goods quickly and safely. For example, this year, Amazon is hiring THOUSAND of seasonal workers to help keep their warehouses and distribution centres running smoothly. It's important to maintain a clean baseline for workers who handle various tasks such as labelling, shipping, and storing goods.

Having the help of a commercial cleaning specialist like Edomey can help improve this process. If you are ready to bring a new level of commercial cleaning service into your store, Edomey is your reliable partner when it comes to keeping your commercial property clean and sparkling.

With 15 years of experience in janitorial commercial cleaning service, Edomey is committed to surpassing our clients’ expectations at every turn with our eco-friendly commercial cleaning products. Being an outstanding member of ISSA - the global professional cleaning association with 10,500 members, Edomey Janitorial offers our clients a 24/7 service and a flexible cleaning schedule for your best convenience before the coming holidays.

Professional Cleaning Services
Professional Cleaning Services
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Professional Cleaning Services


commercial cleaning services

Service industry businesses like dental clinics, beauty salons... understand that holiday like Christmas or New Year Eve is one of the most profitable periods of the year. However, increased in-store customers, beautiful decorations, seasonal employees can turn regular daily cleaning seem overwhelming. Edomey Janitorial offers a daily cleaning and on-demand cleaning service after your business hour to assist and relieve your stress during peak season.

We use eco-friendly and hospital-level disinfectants, innovative technology and scientifically proven strategies to minimize the level of pollutants, allowing you to serve clients with confidence and safety.

15-year experience of Edomey Janitorial in the commercial cleaning service is the reason that you can place your trust in us to keep your business clean at a new level.

Christmas has arrived! Contact us for now for a free and professional consultant!