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Cleaning Banks and Offices

Banks and office buildings aren't the sort of private workplaces where only a few people spend their days. Facilities like these see all sorts of traffic in the run of a day. Employees enter and exit at regular intervals, and countless visitors pass through the doors. These places are not just situated in the community, they're part of the community.

We clean banks and office suites, ensuring all employees start their day in a clean and germ free work environment. Look to us for all of your cleaning needs and more.

Having a clean bank is very important for having customers come back and do their business. Making sure detailed cleans are done on a nightly basis to ensure customer satisfaction.


Bank cleaning services

How a branch or office looks determines how clients feel about that business and we understand there is nothing more important than ensuring brand loyalty.

Window cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Common area cleaning

Vacuuming all carpeted areas

Daily/Night cleaning

Washroom cleaning and detail scrubbing

High level dusting

Office cleaning

Bank cleaning services

We are able to customize our janitorial service processes and procedures as much as needed by our banking clients.

What a great commercial cleaning service is and this always includes attention to details, big and small.

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Our janitorial services for Banks

Entrance door glass

General cleaning offices, lobbies, waiting areas, break rooms

Maintenance for resilient and non-resilient flooring

Hardwood floor maintenance

Shampooing carpets using various techniques

Interior and exterior window cleaning

Cleaning of break rooms

Dusting and wiping display cases and kiosks

ATM cleaning

Commercial cleaning and disinfecting of lavatories

Parking lot sweeping and power washing

Uniformed day porter services

Stripping, waxing, and buffing floors

Hardwood floor maintenance

Shampooing carpets using various techniques

Special event cleansup

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