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Importance of keeping your office washroom clean

The commercial restroom for your shop, office, or restaurant experiences high foot traffic daily, with many customers using the facilities. To maintain the cleanliness and image of your business, you will need to keep the restroom clean and presentable. You also minimize any health hazards to your business, as well as graffiti and vandalism in the restroom by doing so.

A dirty restroom is off-putting to customers, clients and employees. Even seemingly minor things like a few pieces of toilet paper scattered on the floor or an overflowing garbage bin can signify that your restrooms are not properly maintained.


Restroom cleaning

More than just looks, however, proper sanitation is crucial. A bathroom that is neat in appearance may not necessarily be clean. Without regular professional commercial restroom cleanings, your restrooms could be full of germs and bacteria, as well as diseases such as the flu, Strep, respiratory illnesses.

Every surface in a bathroom has the potential to carry germs and bacteria. We treat sinks, toilets, and door handles with eco-friendly chemicals that destroy bacteria safely and leave behind clean, disinfected surfaces. We power wash floors to remove contaminants from tile surfaces and extract dirt from grout. Our procedures ensure that all surfaces, not just high-touch points, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.


Commercial space

Are you cleaning the bathroom in your commercial space effectively? It is essential to thoroughly clean bathrooms on a frequent basis in order to prevent the spread of germs and maintain a hygienic, safe, and welcoming bathroom for staff, customers, and guests.

Any business restroom environment, including:





Grocery Stores

Industrial Facilities

Steps in the Service:

Mop and disinfect floors

Replace air freshener

Clean all toilets and urinals and sinks

Clean mirrors and faucets

Sanitize toilet

Refill all paper towels and toilet paper

Stock enough paper to last until the next service

Fill up hand soap dispensers

Empty trash

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