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Maintain Your Facility with Periodic Cleaning

Whether it be a office building, retail, or commercial space, your facility should make any visitor feel comfortable and assured that they are not putting themselves at risk by being there.

While not every business requires thorough and professional cleaning on a daily basis, each will at least require some form of periodical cleaning to keep the atmosphere free of dirt, dust, allergens and to comply with health and safety guidelines

What is Periodic Cleaning?

As the name suggests, Periodic Cleaning is different to Daily Cleaning. This service means that you have a cleaner arranged to come into your premises on a regular and agreed basis. This could be weekly, monthly, or even less than that. The idea is that your premises can be perfectly cleaned and decluttered, but you don’t have to commit to cleaning more frequently than you need. The regularity of the Periodic Cleaning that you organize is entirely dependent on your needs, and this is something that you can discuss with your cleaning company to ensure that it works for you.

Periodic Cleaning

What are the benefits of organizing Periodic Cleaning?

What are the benefits of organizing Periodic Cleaning?

Not every business needs daily cleaning, however they can really benefit from some form of professional cleaning service. This is where Periodic Cleaning is going to work best. Maintaining surface areas and ensuring they are hygienically sanitized contributes to staff sickness.

Cleaning, whether it is organised on a daily basis, or a periodic basis is going to help you to create a great first impression. This could be a first impression for clients and customers.

Clean scheduling

Cleaning tasks may be divided according to the frequency of their scheduling, which depends upon the level of soiling, the type of surface, the amount of traffic.

Day to day cleaning

These are routing operations carried out on a day-to-day basis by the cleaning service. These include the regular servicing of guestrooms, cleaning of bathrooms and toilets, suction cleaning of floors and the floor coverings, and so on.

Weekly Cleaning

These are routine tasks carried out on a weekly basis. Weekly cleaning schedules are made and these normally include some cleaning tasks that are time consuming or tasks that cannot be done on a daily basis.

Carpet cleaning

Window cleaning

Washroom deep cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Hard floor cleaning


Mopping wet & dry

Wall washing

Spring Cleaning

Deep Cleaning – Spring Cleaning

It refers to the intensive cleaning schedule in which periodic cleaning tasks are scheduled for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual frequency. This is done for areas and surfaces which cannot be cleaned on a daily basis. Such as carpet shampooing or window washing.

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