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Allergies dust is one of the most common causes of allergies and respiratory issues. Many modern commercial spaces have high ceilings and exposed ducting, rafters, piping, etc. These spaces get ignored which creates air quality problems not to mention image issues within the space.

A regular high dusting program will keep things looking clean and improve the air quality of your location.

First and foremost, high dusting is important for the health and safety of your employees. Accumulated dust, dander, and pollen can be a real problem for people with allergies.

Dust mites can trigger allergies and cause a rash, chronic cough, watery eyes and stuffy nose. These microscopic creatures are nearly impossible to spot with the naked eye, but where there’s dust, there are dust mites.

Helps remove dust mites which are common allergens

For many people, dust is more than just a nuisance. It can cause problems with breathing, skin irritation, and even headaches.

Improves air quality

Improves air quality

Dust buildup can also cause problems with indoor air quality. When fine particles accumulate on surfaces, especially air vents, they can be released into the air when the surface is disturbed.

This can cause respiratory and other health issues, especially for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. High dusting services can help improve your home’s air quality by removing dust particles from high surfaces before they can be released into the air.


In addition to the health of your employees, consider the health of your building and systems. When vents, fans and moving mechanical components are coated in dirt and grime, it affects their efficiency. Using a high dusting service for a consistent cleaning schedule means your equipment will perform more effectively. It will also extend the life of this equipment saving you money in the long run.


Regular high dusting is Essential

It helps improve air quality and keeps the space cleaner

Prevents dust borne allergens from affecting your customers and employees

It improves the look of your space

it can prevent your HVAC systems from becoming inefficient and wore out prematurely.

Prevents fire and explosion hazards in heavy dust situations

Over concentrated dust makes indoor commercial environments stuffy. If your interior building space is already contaminated with pollutants from a dirty ventilation system, the indoor air quality will just get worse. When dust is trapped in confined spaces that are hard to reach, pollutants and bacteria multiply faster.

Clean difficult to reach spots without any hassle, furniture moving or heavy equipment

High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach spaces, removing dust, bacteria and dirt buildup. Also known as detailed cleaning, high dusting is recommended to be carried out at regular intervals, especially in workplaces occupied by people on a daily basis. As many of the areas attended can be high up or difficult to access, safety is a top priority.

What is commercial high dusting?

This one is exactly what it sounds like large open indoor spaces with beams and exposed ductwork will eventually notice a visible accumulation of dust in these places. Using ladders, lifts & commercial quality vacuums, we get up there and get your spaces looking clean again.

Places where you might need commercial high dusting:


Recreation Centres


Manufacturing Facilities

Food Production Facilities


Retails stores


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