Complete washroom cleaning services in 2023

Professional washroom care

Keeping your washrooms clean is crucial to projecting a professional image. Of course, it is also important to maintain clean washrooms to protect your employees and customers from harmful germs.

Weekly Cleaning

Your home’s bathrooms see a lot of use throughout the week, and keeping soap scum and mildew at bay can be tough to do while balancing the responsibilities of family and work.


Our dedicated professionals will clean your bathroom from top to bottom, including removing cobwebs from room corners and washing or vacuuming floors. Dusting services in each bathroom will keep dirt and germs from accumulating on towel racks, toilet paper holders.

Bathroom cleaning services

Disinfecting toilets inside and out

Wiping down vanity and mirrors

Scrubbing and rinsing sinks and showers

Removing built up soap scum

Disinfection hard surfaces


Restroom cleaning services

Commercial restrooms are the epicenter for infectious diseases, germs, bacteria, and viruses. Billions of pathogens can be living on and inside of your restroom fixtures at any given time. Even if your restroom surfaces appear clean at first glance, they can still be harboring harmful germs and bacteria.

Sparkling Clean Shower & Tub

Soap scum builds up on the shower door, walls, floor, tub basin, shower head and handles very quickly. If these surfaces aren’t clean, then you’re not going to get a very effective shower. Soap scum isn’t the only issue in your shower. If your shower head isn’t properly and regularly cleaned, then you are potentially inviting millions of germs into your lungs every time you step into your shower.

Sparkling Clean Sink

This may come as a surprise, but according to studies, our sinks have the highest bacteria count. First of all, the faucet and handles are magnets for bacteria and grime since they are the first thing we touch after using the toilet.

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