Complete stone care and restoration service in 2023

Natural stone has been used in construction and architecture for centuries, and with good reason. Nothing can match the elegance of natural stone in your home or the beauty it adds to condos, hotels and office buildings. Like all fine things, your natural stone requires care and maintenance. Scratches, etch marks and light surface staining can all be removed from your marble, granite, slate, travertine, terrazzo. And your stone can be returned to a like new.

Whether you just need a thorough deep clean or a quick polish for a touch up service or you're ready for a full refinishing and restoration service, or something in between, we offer our expert stone care service customized to your particular needs and budget.


Stone Care Services

Stone cleaning

Deep cleaning and maintenance

Surface refinishing and restoration

Countertop refinishing

Floor polishing

Shower restoration

Chip and crack repair

Restore the shine

Does your kitchen countertop look dull, stained

Honing and polishing

Remove scratch, stain

Crack and chip repairs

Penetrating stone sealers





Patios & decks

Building façades

Customized service options


Maintenance services

Provides maintenance and sustainability enhancing services for ceramic, concrete, marble, porcelain, granite, and terrazzo surfaces in commercial offices, schools, universities, government and medical properties.

With high quality work and attention to detail, we restore your natural stone surfaces back to their former luster and shine. We clean, hone, polish, seal, repair and maintain marble, granite, travertine, limestone and other natural stones.

Stone lost its natural beauty

Stone floors, including marble, limestone, travertine, slate, and granite, can last forever if they are adequately cared for and maintained. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes commercial businesses make is not hiring the right professionals to care for this legacy flooring.

Stone is porous and susceptible to stains, damage, and wear. These floors need special attention to extend their lifespan, prevent staining, and ensure your floors look their best.

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