Complete parking lot maintenance services in 2023

Exterior property maintenance services

We are experts that provide cleaning and repair services for all types of exterior property care. From parking lots, sidewalks, lawn installations and renovations, shrubs, trees of new plantation of new trees and greenery, and all types of landscape maintenance, They also work to maintain parking lots with general maintenance services such as litter control, garbage collection. We are serving to commercial, residential and industrial properties.

We offer maintenance services like power sweeping, line painting, pressure washing, window cleaning. In addition, we also offer litter control services for multiple municipalities to ensure the cleanliness of parking lots, roads.


Parking lot cleaning services

We provide solutions for all of your parking lot maintenance needs. We believe this is an important service as your parking lot is the first and last place customers remember. Regardless of the season, our staff are here to provide your parking lot with the following services:

Hot pressure washing

Parking lot sweeping

Garbage bin disposal

Litter removal

Leaf pick up

Oil stain removal

Leaf blowing

Parking lot resurfacing


Power washing

We believe in doing everything to ensure that our client’s properties are always in the best condition. We recommend this service with each changing season or annually as harmful chemicals, debris, mud, salt, and oils build up through the summer and winter months. The benefits of our power washing services allow walkways to look clean. Power washing improves the overall appearance of walkways and will give them a longer lifespan.

Litter programs

From shopping centers and commercial parking lots to industrial factories, we have a litter program for everyone. Our litter program is so thorough that we will ensure that all curb lines, walkways, parking lots, and turf and flower bed areas are free of debris. Our services include changing garbage bags and cleaning garbage rooms.

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