Complete office cleaning services in 2023

Commercial cleaning and janitorial services

Our commercial cleaning and disinfection services range from small offices requiring cleaning services once a week to large corporations with service seven times a week.

Office cleaning services

Looking for professional cleaning services? We specialize in cleaning many different types of facilities, from office buildings to elementary schools to medical facilities.

Office and commercial cleaning services

Window cleaning

Carpet cleaning


Kitchens and break rooms

Hard surface floor care


Vacuum carpet and rugs,


Day porters

1-7 days/week availability

Special event clean up

Green Commercial Cleaning Service

Spring cleaning

commercial cleaning

Office space cleaning

A regular cleaning service reduces germs and bacteria which are the main contributors to sickness being spread in an office. Besides increasing productivity, a clean office environment is one of the best ways to reduce absenteeism.

Complete sanitation services

Germs have no place in an office. Once germs have been introduced into an office environment, they spread like wildfire especially if your office space is open concept like so many workspaces are today. What’s worse is that these germs have long staying power on hard surfaces, so many of which are touched frequently in any given office environment. The only way to guarantee that your employees are kept free from illness causing germs is with a commercial office cleanin


We will do what you need, when you need it.

We also offer regular janitorial services. But not just any janitorial cleaning service. We sit down with you to create a plan that is customized to your specific needs.

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