Complete high dust services in 2023

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Complete high dusting / warehouse cleaning services

Our expertly trained commercial cleaning team ensures that dust, dirt and grease are removed from tight and hard to get at locations, to help you maintain a healthy and safe work environment for your staff, customers.

What Is high dusting?

High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach spots and removing bacteria, dust, and dirt build up. The reason that this process is called high dusting is because the areas that are being dusted and cleaned are air vents, ceilings, pipes.


Facility types

We specialize in providing complete industrial cleaning services for commercial facility services, warehouses and institutional facilities, as well as national retail chains across Canada. Contact us today for all of your warehouse and high dusting needs.

Facility types serviced:








Improved lighting

Rooms will not only appear brighter, but the air feels fresher after our High Dusting procedure. As a result, your staff will feel more motivated to work. Also, this is highly important for those that need to showcase products and merchandise.

Minimize dust contamination

Improves the air quality inside the workplace

Prevents employees from getting constantly sick, leading to reduced employee downtime

Improves the morale of employees and clients/visitors


Hidden cracks and crevices as well as hard to reach areas are prime spots for dust, pollen and dander to accumulate. These unseen irritants can wreak havoc on your employees with allergies. Remove the debris and improve the air quality for comfortable breathing and an allergy free building.

Help you with

Cleaning HVAC ducts

Cleaning light fixtures

Cleaning support beams

Cleaning water pipes

Cleaning ceilings and walls

Cleaning roof trusses

Cleaning exhaust fans

Cleaning ceiling tiles

Cleaning shelving

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