Complete common area cleaning in 2023

Strata common area cleaning services

Our strata common area cleaning services includes cleaning areas like exercise facilities and swimming pools, common restrooms, parking lot cleaning, building access, elevators, garden areas, window cleaning, corridors, hallways, lobbies, hallways, debris and rubbish removal, cobweb and dusting, exterior areas, libraries, floor cleaning and restoration, and carpet cleaning.

Strata carpet maintenance

A carpet that has not been regularly maintained will need to be replaced years prior to its expected lifespan. As part of our strata cleaning services, we provide carpet maintenance. All carpets require maintenance cleaning especially those that receive high traffic. Strata hallways or lobbies experience more traffic and spills than other areas and so require more frequent carpet cleaning.


Windows and doors

These surfaces of your residential complex common areas will quickly show fingerprints and grime whether it is dry or wet outside. Hourly cleaning and polishing should be considered. A full cleaning to these glass surfaces should be done each week. This should also include the window frames that tend to get dusty, the door handles.

Residential elevators and stairways

The more floors to your building, the more people will be using elevators and stairwells. It’s important to review these spaces often and perform mirror polishing, and door and handle sanitizing, as well as picking up debris, or vacuuming or sweeping throughout the day.

Common area floors

One area that will always get a lot of traffic is the floors in your residential complex. You probably have a hard surface flooring in your lobby and front common areas. These should be dry mopped often and wet mopped as needed, as well as once a week. Floors will also need more attention during wet times of the year.


Common area restroom

Restrooms will need to be cleaned on a regular basis as well. Once a week might be enough for the number of people that pass through these areas, or they might need to be addressed on a daily basis. Sometimes a quick cleaning and emptying of the trash bin might be enough for daily touch up, and then scheduling in a full cleaning at the end of each week for a thorough clean.

We perform strata cleaning

Strata cleaning is about being able to deliver many different services. Our business has been based on providing services for our customer’s unique needs.. We have experience working with strata councils, property management companies.

Common area cleaning can be carried out on a daily, weekly, nightly or monthly basis and be provided as a contract service or a one off service. No matter how often you would require a visit, we will make sure your common area is as clean and welcoming as possible.

Cleaning entrances

Cleaning lobbies

Sweep outside areas

Vacuum all floors and wet mop hard floors

Clean glasses and mirrors

Cleaning lifts & kitchen areas

Cleaning washrooms and toilets

Cleaning stairwells

Tidying up bin areas

Clean switches and plugs

Dusting walls & bench tops

Windows cleaning

Special deep cleanin

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