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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Hacks & Tips 2022

The management of a restaurant is a demanding job, but there are tricks and tips for commercial kitchens cleaning that may make the job easier. The upkeep of your kitchen that provides food service should undoubtedly be a top concern. After instance, a restaurant that is not only unclean but also unorganized and inadequately cleaned would achieve the same level of failure in terms of customer traffic and revenue.

By adhering to a few simple cleaning procedures in your commercial kitchen, you can ensure the wellbeing of both your clients and your staff. Edomey | Commercial Cleaning Services.

commercial kitchen cleaning

What Do Professional Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Include?

When it comes to thoroughly cleaning commercial kitchens, there are some cleaning procedures that should only be provided by a professional cleaning agency. For example, pressure washers are often used in the process of cleaning and sanitizing kitchens. These machines are able to thoroughly remove caked-on filth and grime from every surface and crevice in the room.

You have access to a broad range of services when you hire a professional cleaning company to clean your commercial kitchen, including the following:

  • Cleaning and emptying grease traps in restaurants (a huge fire hazard when left ignored).
  • Thorough cleaning of kitchen hoods and exhaust fans, including the removal of grease buildup (yet another potential fire hazard).
  • Careful scrubbing of floor mats as well as the flooring surfaces
  • Thorough cleaning of the floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Thoroughly cleaning all of the gadgets and equipment in the kitchen
  • Changing out filters as necessary
  • Refilling and replacing dispensers for soap and other chemicals
  • Cleaning and sanitizing work surfaces, including sinks, counters, and other areas of the workspace

How Regular Is Commercial Kitchen Cleaning?

The typical commercial kitchen cleaning needs daily cleaning in addition to periodic thorough cleaning, which may be required as often as once per week. When it comes to maintaining a clean commercial kitchen, there are no acceptable excuses; in fact, filthy kitchens run the danger of having their business shut down and receiving hefty fines.

Customers are at a significant risk of contracting foodborne diseases owing to sanitation problems in your establishment if the kitchen is unclean. These illnesses are spread through contaminated food. A filthy kitchen increases the likelihood of their being a fire there. You may significantly lower the likelihood of all of the aforementioned occurrences in your commercial kitchen by working with a cleaning service that is professionally managed. In addition, we are able to work around your hectic schedule to ensure that the cleaning process does not disrupt your normal business hours.

commercial kitchen cleaning

It is up to you to choose how often you need to employ a professional commercial kitchen cleaning services given that each restaurant has its own unique approach to maintaining a clean kitchen. In certain kitchens, everything is dismantled and the space is scrubbed from top to bottom many times each day. Other cooks allow things to go out of control, and as a consequence, they often wind up having to pay hefty penalties, and there is even the risk that they may have to close their doors.

In order to get their kitchens ready for insurance and health inspections, as well as to reduce the possibility of fires starting in the kitchen, several restaurants choose to hire cleaners on an as-needed basis. In the days coming up to the National Fire Protection Association and the Federal Food and Drug Administration's inspections, these cleanings are of the utmost importance.

Do you know that Edomey Cleaning offers professional commercial kitchen cleaning services on a quarterly, monthly, or even weekly basis, giving your commercial kitchen the thorough cleaning it need to be compliant with regulatory standards and maintain a safe working environment?

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Checklist: A Map to Clean

A restaurant kitchen is often rather large and complicated, making a checklist an absolute must. The staff may mark off each completed job on downloaded PDFs, which are available to the employees. They break the labour down into tasks that need to be completed each day, each week, and each month.

#1. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Daily

  • Wipe down walls
  • Clean the grill, griddle, range, flattop and fryer. Don’t forget the underside!
  • Change foil lining on top of ranges, grills and flattops.
  • Wipe down other equipment: coffee makers, microwaves, toasters and slicers.
  • Disinfect prep area surfaces.
  • Clean beverage dispenser heads and soda guns.
  • Clean sinks.
  • Wash rags, towels, aprons and uniforms in a washing machine.
  • Sweep walk-in refrigerators and other storage.
  • Disinfect waste disposal areas and trash cans.
  • Clean floors.

#2. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Weekly

  • Walls, door, and racks within the oven need to be cleaned.
  • Delime sinks and faucets
  • Boil out deep fryer
  • Clean and sterilise the walk-in freezer as well as the refrigerator.
  • Maintain a clean floor drain.

#3. Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Monthly

  • Do your laundry behind the hot line.
  • Coffee makers should be cleaned using various cleaning products.
  • Sanitize in addition to cleaning the ice maker.
  • Sanitize the freezer once it has been cleaned.
  • Scrub the coils of the refrigerator.
  • Clean out the grease traps.
  • Washing the walls and ceilings can eliminate the grease accumulation that has occurred.
  • Wash vent hoods.

The Most Neglected Parts Of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Certain areas of industrial kitchens are seldom cleaned well enough, and as a result, they often harbour the highest concentrations of germs and bacteria. These regions include the following:

  • The enclosure's walls
  • The nozzles for soda fountains
  • Meat slicers and dicers
  • Fridge coils
  • Outdoor rubbish
  • Ice making appliance
  • Lighting and ventilation
  • Under and beneath kitchen equipment

Edomey Cleaning is here to assist you in avoiding the most typical errors that people make while cleaning the kitchen, such as leaving food exposed to harsh chemicals or neglecting to clean the most overlooked areas. Our first-rate and competent commercial cleaning services are in accordance with the norms established by the industry for commercial kitchens. Get in touch with us right now to get a free estimate!