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Commercial Building Cleaning: 7 Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

To become a 5-star strata management, commercial building cleaning should always be a top priority. Over the course of a typical week, you and your team may expect to put in upwards of 40 hours at this location. If you allow the filth pile up, it's simple for it to spin out of control; however, commercial building cleaning doesn't have to compromise corporate productivity or energy in the least bit. However, you must do it in a certain manner. Cleaning is an important part of keeping employees happy and safe, especially in these troubling times. So, if you want to keep your workplace spotless, you need be aware of some of the most typical blunders people make. In addition, and more crucially, how to prevent them

1. Cleaning Only What You Can See

When it comes to commercial building cleaning, one of the most prevalent blunders is taking the attitude that "cleanliness is only important if it's visible." More than only the visible surfaces of your workplace should be cleaned. It is impossible to create a healthy and secure atmosphere with just spot cleaning. Inaccessible areas are ideal for bacteria and germs to hide. As a result, even though your workstation seems clean, there may be illness lurking in the nooks and crannies.

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2. Choosing Wrong Chemical Supplies

Cleaning tasks need a wide range of equipment and methods. Granite, glass, wood, and other delicate materials need specialised cleaning methods. As a result, utilising the improper products may not only make your efforts futile, but it may also do significant harm to the surfaces in and around your business.

3. Missing Important Touchpoints

Touch-sensitive elements in the workplace include things like grab bars, doorknobs, keys, elevator buttons, and phones. Despite the fact that these surfaces are often used, you'd be shocked how often they are overlooked when it comes time to clean. These spaces are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria since they are so often utilised. So, in order to avoid the spread of sickness across the workplace, these high-touch sites need to be cleaned often.

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4. No Disinfection

It's OK if you sweep up food crumbs on your desk or pick up spilt beverages in the public kitchen as a matter of routine. Disinfection, on the other hand, is a critical step that is often overlooked. Disinfecting is not the same as cleaning. In terms of health and safety, just washing off surfaces with a towel will not enough. Disinfecting is a critical step of commercial building cleaning that must not be skipped if the risk of infection is to be reduced or even eliminated.

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5. Asking Your Employees To Do Cleaning

Some businesses believe that putting cleaning responsibilities on their employees' to-do lists is more cost-effective. While it's reasonable to expect your staff to keep their personal workstations clean, there is a significant issue to ask them to provide commercial buildings cleaning. Aside from the fact that this takes away from their ability to accomplish their real work, the lack of complete cleaning arises. ' Additionally, depending on them for cleaning might have a negative impact on their job happiness, which is something you don't want spreading across your workplace.

6. Not Empty Garbage And Recycle Regularly

Daily garbage removal is a must. Missing this step increases the likelihood of developing a serious pest management issue in your workplace. This is all on top of having to put up with the unpleasant odours and the health risks that come along with decomposing rubbish. Keeping your workplace clean, safe, and happy is as simple as making sure all garbage and waste is removed on a regular basis.

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7. Not Hiring A Professional Commercial Building Cleaning Service

Failure to employ a team of commercial building cleaning specialists is one of the most common errors an organisation can make. It is our job at Total Commercial Solutions to guarantee that your workplace is thoroughly cleansed and maintained. Make your business workplace more efficient by requesting a quotation now!

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