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Cleaning Services in Vancouver 2023

Edomey is a cleaning company in Canada providing various cleaning services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Edmonton, Calgary, and other cities and provinces in Canada. The cleaning company has been working in Vancouver, BC for more than 15 years offering a wide range of cleaning services for commercial businesses.

Commercial cleaning services in Vancouver and other cities in Canada are what we do every day to help businesses grow and be successful. Edomey works with different commercial facilities like offices, healthcare and education institutions, spas, beauty and massage salons, restaurants, cafes, retail, etc. Edomey offers cleaning windows in Vancouver, deep cleaning services, green cleaning, floor striping and waxing, janitorial, and specialty services.

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It's spring outside despite the fact that the weather is still brutal in most provinces of Canada, therefore we offer deep cleaning services in Vancouver to prepare your business and office for the new season. Hire our professional team of cleaners in Vancouver, Edmonton, Burnaby, Calgary, and Richmond to clean up your space. Edomey works with eco-friendly supplies and cleaning products in order your employees have a possibility to work in an absolutely clean and safe environment.

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How to hire a professional team of cleaners and order commercial cleaning services in Vancouver and other cities in Canada?

Call us or email to set the day and time for the first walkthrough. We'll discuss all details and provide you with the best conditions for cooperation by affordable price.

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Call us today at Edomey Janitorial Building Services we will walk you through your property to get a quote call now 604-523-8943. We have offices in many places Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Guelph just to name a few check our website