Cafe & Restaurant

Cafe & Restaurant cleaning services for Vancouver & Calgary

We recommend hiring a professional that can make this job easier for you by doing in-depth cleaning once or twice in a month. Though every nick and corner require equal attention there are certain areas which need to give undivided attention. These are those key areas which need to be spotless and well maintained


Customers like to look outside when they eat it, they are sitting at a table near the windows. If they are seeing dead flies, spider webs, and greasy fingerprints smeared all over the windows, it takes away from their view, and their appetite.


Dining Area

Filth on the floors, dirty tabletops, are definitely turnoffs for repeat business.


For some people, the first impression is really important, and you must ensure to make it the best. If the entrance of your restaurant is unhygienic and not clean, many of your guests may not even enter the premises.


Kitchen cleanliness is important to ensure that no bacteria enter the food you are preparing for your customers. Needless to say, the kitchen is the most important area which you must ensure that is clean at all the times. If your kitchen is not clean, then it can even cost you your restaurant.



It helps to create a good impression and your guests are most likely to come back. No matter how good your food is, dirty washrooms can immediately turn off the mood of your guests.


Keeping your restaurant as clean as possible. To maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant and combat the spread of germs, use a disinfectant that has been deemed effective at killing bacteria and viruses.

Restaurant Cleaning Services:

Mopping wet & dry

Sweeping / Vacuuming

Glass cleaning

Trash removal

Restroom sanitization

Clean kitchen & breakroom


Dining rooms

Main dining areas


Bar Area




Office Space


Break room

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