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The kitchen is the most used room, whether at home or in a commercial space such as the restaurant. The kitchen experiences high traffic throughout the day and it is sensitive because the food we eat comes from there. Whether you need kitchen deep cleaning services or routine cleaning services.

Restaurant janitorial services are a key component of maintaining a professional, welcoming environment for your diners. A clean restaurant not only looks great it allows you to deliver delicious meals to your customers while maintaining high levels of food safety. A clean restaurant is a healthier restaurant, and professional restaurant cleaning services can help you meet all required standards for cleanliness.


Proper work practices amongst the kitchen staff.

Confidence amongst your customers especially the ones who can peek into the kitchen because they expect an exceptionally clean and hygienic place. Professional restaurant kitchen cleaning services ensure that you gain more customers and maintain the old because of your high hygienic score. Air flow within the kitchen area and the kitchen fans and ducts increase their durability. With this kind of cleaning your business is compliant with the set standards of cleanliness expected and you maintain happy staff and customers.

For sanitary and spotless professional kitchens

Keeping your commercial kitchen in sanitary and spotless condition is important on so many levels. It maintains the health and happiness of your kitchen staff and customers. A professional kitchen cleaning service also lets your staff focus on what is important, preparing food and serving your customers with complete and total focus.

Exhaust systems (hoods, ducts and fans)

Cooking equipment

Stainless steel counters


Dish pits

Tiled walls and floors


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Kitchen deep cleaning vancouver

Food surfaces are degreased and grime is cleaned off them and using food grade cleaning products the surfaces are left hygienically clean for food to come into contact with it. the kitchen, canopy and duct are degreased also. We like our customers to come up with the best day and time for us to perform a professional restaurant kitchen cleaning service.

Some areas which need professional kitchen cleaning services include. Cooker hood which is important kitchen equipment which easily harbors bacteria and grease. The most effective way to clean it is steaming with mild cleaning technique using soap and warm water. The fans which are covered in grease should be soaked and scrubbed and allowed to air dry.

Thorough cleaning of carpets and hard floor surfaces

Disinfection of tables, chairs and other dining surfaces

Professional cleaning of lobby and waiting areas

Deep cleaning and sanitization of all kitchen and food preparation areas

The importance of kitchen cleaning services

Since the kitchen space in a house or commercial kitchen is used extensively with foot traffic, people eating, and cooking, it always attracts debris and dirt buildup. And the culinary services you offer dictate extensive cooking, leaving you with a dirty kitchen and room by the end of the day.

Vacuum floors

Mop floors

Wipe down the surface of small appliances

Clean the interior and exterior of the microwave

Clean the kitchen table and chairs

Clean the stove drip pan, control knobs, and burner gate

Wipe the tops of counters

Sanitize the sink

Shine faucets, light fixtures, and cabinets’ hardware

Window Cleaning

Kitchen Appliance Cleaning

Wall Washing

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