Best entrances cleaning service in 2023

How to clean your entrance

Walking into a place of business marks the start of a customer’s impression of that business. Having a good looking and clean entrance and reception area is important to your perceived professionalism and respectability as an expert in your industry. Taking the time each day, week, and month to confirm that these spaces are clean and well maintained is significant to your customers’ impressions of your business.

Clean your lobby.

The first thing clients see when they enter a building is the entrance and foyer. Make the best impression by investing in a spotless entrance, cleaned regularly by a professional.


Windows must be cleansed of grease marks and water staining; for this, a specialist window cleaning fluid is applied to make for perfectly transparent glass.

Doors in a buildings are often made of glass and stainless steel and therefore need cleansing of fingerprints and grime in much the same way as windows

Surfaces, such as coffee tables and reception desks, are important to keep clean.

Floor mats stop people from tracking mess into the rest of the building, and as such require a good vacuuming everyday.

Recycle bins are crucial for maintaining a tidy appearance.

Stairs are busy areas in the building and require care and attention when cleaning. Stair and landing carpets are a first port of call because these areas collect the most dirt from people’s shoes. A thorough vacuuming and the occasional stain removal can make a world of difference.

Hard floors require mopping, as well as using the correct safety signage while the floor dries; once completed, all the grime and dirt is gone and is replaced by an impressive sheen.

Glass panels give a contemporary and clean look, but only when washed regularly.


Floor space

Floors when any space gets a lot of traffic like a lobby, main entrance, and bank of elevators, floors will see a lot of use. A daily or even an hourly review, dry mop, and vacuuming can keep both the entryways, hallways, and elevators looking nice.

Shiny areas moisture, handprints, and dirt on the reflective surfaces in your lobby and elevator area will give the appearance of an unkempt workplace, so keep in mind that the shiny places in your entryway need wiping and polishing regularly.

Our cleaning services for entrance or lobby

Vacuum entrance matting.

Hard floors vacuumed and moped clean

All carpet floors vacuumed to remove dust and debris.

Glass doors in entrance and foyer area cleaned and polished.

Stairs and elevator areas vacuumed and moped

Walls spot cleaned to remove dust, fingermarks and smudges.

Reception tables cleaned,

Other cleaning requirements on request.

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