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Basic Scope of Work To Expect From Professional Office Cleaning in 2022

It's a good idea to hire professional office cleaning services for your workplace. Additionally, you should be aware of the specifics of the office cleaning services you're considering. You may anticipate a variety of cleaning duties when you hire a professional office cleaning service for your workplace.

Edomey takes great satisfaction in providing outstanding office cleaning services to the Lower Mainland-area companies. After all, a well-kept workplace makes your staff and customers feel appreciated and respected. Learn more about what we can do to make your workplace a safe, clean, and productive environment!

#1. Daily Cleaning Tasks

The following are some of the jobs that a commercial cleaning company is likely to perform:

  • Replacing used garbage bags and cleaning up trash cans
  • Vacuum the carpets and mats, particularly the entry mats.
  • Using a mop and bucket, clean hardwood and tile floors.
  • a combination of dust and moisture Clear desks, tables, and other furniture using a dry, soft cloth.
  • Glass doors and windows in the inside should be wiped down with a micro-fiber cloth.

Remember that a well-organized workplace improves the mood and productivity of its employees! Make an appointment to get your workplace cleaned by Edomey Cleaning crew now!

professional office cleaning

It's important to keep your welcome area clean and tidy. Since the reception area is the first thing people see when they enter, it's important to make sure it's immaculate. Even if the customer is greeted by the most helpful, polite, and nice office manager, if there is filth and grime or an unpleasant scent, the client will remember that. A daily professional office cleaning service like Edomey Cleaning may do wonders for your staff and your organization as a whole.

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#2. Kitchen/ Lunchroom/ Break room

Employee health and safety depend on a well-kept break room. If you don't keep your workplace clean, you're increasing your chance of contracting a disease. There is always a need to keep your break room clean even if no food is being prepared.

Cleaning a kitchen or break room may include a wide range of chores, including:

  • Sanitize and disinfect all sinks.
  • Refrigerators should have their interiors and exteriors thoroughly cleaned.
  • In order to disinfect the floor, use a disinfectant cleaner.
  • Disinfect tables and countertops, for example, using a damp cloth.

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#3. Washroom

In order to keep germs from spreading, a clean bathroom is a must. Regardless of whether or not you hire a cleaning service for your complete workplace, the restroom should be cleaned at least once a week. Doing these items on a daily basis will guarantee that your bathroom is always clean:

  • Towels, toilet paper, and hand soap should be on hand.
  • If garbage cans need to be cleaned or emptied, do so.
  • Mirrors that have been thoroughly cleaned
  • Clean the hand dryers and the paper towel dispensers.
  • Sanitize and disinfect all sinks.
  • Use a disinfectant to clean the toilets.
  • Toilets should be spotless, and walls should be cleaned with a soft cloth.

Specific professional public toilet cleaning checklist is available from Edomey Cleaning blog!

#4. Weekly And Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning services like weekly and monthly office washing are available from Edomey Cleaning which also offers services like floor polishing, squeegee window cleaning, and vacuuming vents. Contact Us For More Information!

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