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Bar & Pub Cleaning Checklist 2023

Pub owners have a lot on their plates between taking orders, managing finances, and appeasing staff. One of the greatest ways to stay on top of things and keep your pub clean, neat, and appealing to new customers is to set effective routines to assign to employees.

It's important to pay close attention to detail while cleaning a bar or pub, and to disinfect all frequently used surfaces and spaces. Inevitably, a bar or pub that serves food and beverages to a large number of people will get unclean, sticky, and sloppy if not cleaned on a regular basis. Simple tasks like wiping down and polishing the bar's tables, seats, and countertops are only the beginning. You'll also want to make sure to clean the chair backs and foot rails for a really spotless appearance. The following is a checklist for bar and pub cleaning that will help you achieve a high-quality clean that you will be glad to show off to your customers.

1. Front Of House

Your customers will spend most of their time in the bar's front area. Here they will encounter a spotless or soiled bar, stools, tables, booths, hand and foot rails, lighting fixtures and switches, mirrors, and windows. This may seem like a large list of items to clean, but keeping on top of these tasks can help you present your business in the best light.


2. Bar and Pub Restrooms

Restrooms at bars and pubs have a special cleaning treatment because of their high usage. Scrubbing and wiping down toilets and urinals, wiping sinks and faucets with a sanitising cleaner, and touching up light fixtures, mirrors, light switches, and tile walls on a regular basis can provide a clean, shining, and hygienic look. The bathroom should be clean and comfortable. The simple act of entering a spotless toilet might put a person in a better mood.


3. Upholstery and Floors of the Bar

When cleaning the bar, the floor should be given extra attention on a daily basis. In any institution serving food or drink, spills and stains are almost certain. As the day progresses, it's important to keep up with any spills that may occur on tile, carpeted floors, or upholstery to reduce the risk of injuries, as well as to minimise water damage or stains that will be difficult to remove later. It's good to have mopping tools, cleaning agents, and stain removers on hand so that you can deal with these concerns as soon as they appear.

Customers' impressions of your business's professionalism and hospitality will rise in direct proportion to how clean the floor is. Mopping the tile daily to keep it clean and disinfected and vacuuming the carpets are two easy ways to deal with soiled hard floor surfaces. This should be a part of your regular cleaning routine for a number of reasons, including regular foot traffic and spills and the introduction of dirt and moisture from rain or snow. Maintaining a clean and pleasant atmosphere in your business may also be as simple as establishing a regular carpet cleaning routine.

In addition to fostering a welcoming atmosphere, keeping the bar or pub tidy ensures that customers and their visitors have a good time there. Investing in a professional cleaning staff is a terrific approach to help your bar maintain a consistent, appealing appearance. Staff members in charge of keeping things clean should be briefed on the specific protocols, regulations, and standards for sanitization that apply to settings where food and drink are handled. You can count on Edomey Cleaning for professional cleaning service.

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