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Airbnb Cleaning Starter Guide: How To Become A Cleaner

With more than 660,000 listings in the United States and more than 100,000 in Canada, Airbnb offers a more cost-effective option to staying in a hotel to a broad spectrum of guests. In 2020, Capital Counselor estimates that Airbnb will have over 193 million reservations. Due to the fact that hosts are not always capable of cleaning these rentals, the market for Airbnb cleaning services is growing. How do you go about becoming an Airbnb cleaner? Allow Edomey to guide you.

Airbnb's Cleaning Standards

Finally, Airbnb requires all vacation rental owners to adhere to a five-step cleaning routine. The following are the steps:

  • Proper preparation results in a more effective and efficient cleaning crew.
  • Cleaning all surfaces to eliminate dust, debris, and grime.
  • Sanitize all surfaces using Airbnb-approved disinfectants to eliminate germs and bacteria.
  • Consult the customized checklist offered by Airbnb to guarantee that you've properly cleaned the rented property.
  • Before reinstalling goods in rooms, ensure that they are totally clean to avoid cross-contamination.

According to the Airbnb website, they just adopted a new criteria that all vacation rental owners must adhere to. Beginning with disinfection, rental owners are responsible for ensuring that their holiday rentals only utilize disinfectants permitted by local regulatory organizations. Following that, hosts and professional cleaning services are expected to use personal safety equipment, such as masks and gloves, while cleaning. Additionally, high-touch surfaces must be cleaned on a regular basis.

How To Market Your Airbnb Cleaning Services?

Airbnb rental property owners engage professional airbnb cleaning services since it is their responsibility to ensure that their rental property is clean for the next guest to come in and stay. If you wish to work as an Airbnb cleaner, you must offer your airbnb cleaning services package to individual homeowners rather than to the Airbnb company itself.

Consider Airbnb's housekeeping requirements, as well as the responsibilities of vacation rental owners to adhere to those standards. We'll also discuss how to market your cleaning business to these vacation rental owners, as well as how to keep them coming back for more.

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Create A Step-By-Step Plan

As the proprietor of a cleaning service, you must understand how to sell your company to such clientele. According to VR Scheduler, the first step in promoting your cleaning service to Airbnb rental owners is to create a step-by-step marketing strategy tailored to them. This stage may seem unimportant at first, but it is arguably the most critical in promoting your specialized airbnb cleaning business. After all, you did prepare and write a business plan when you began your cleaning company, didn't you? While your business plan serves as a road map for your cleaning service's success, a stage process marketing strategy serves as a road map for your marketing campaign's success.

Do Market Research

The next stage is to do research. While doing research is not thrilling, it is an essential step in selling your cleaning service to Airbnb rental owners. Knowing who you are doing business with is critical. Additionally, you must be aware of the competitors in this market. Determine which competitive cleaning firms clean for rental property owners, the services they provide, and the prices they charge. This can help you choose where to begin the bidding process when attempting to secure these tasks. Additionally, it would be very beneficial for you to have a working awareness of the standards that are required of you as an Airbnb buyer and rental owner.

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Make Sure Your Airbnb Cleaning Business Is Professional

If you haven't owned a cleaning business, now is an excellent opportunity to research the legislation and requirements for owning and running one in your state. Because Airbnb maintains strict criteria for all rental apartments, they will not do business with anybody who is not a professional. Once you have gotten all of the state-required licences and permissions, firms such as Airbnb will take your cleaning service considerably more seriously, and rental owners will be much more inclined to consider your service for all of their cleaning requirements.

Check Out Other Airbnb Cleaning Services Competitors

After you've established your specialized airbnb cleaning firm and conducted the necessary research, it's time to begin promoting your services to Airbnb vacation rental owners. The greatest place to start is with your friends and family. Determine if any of them are Airbnb hosts and whether they would consider using your cleaning service. Additionally, you may request that they refer your service to other rental property owners. Perhaps a few members in your network are acquainted with Airbnb rental owners. You might request that they put in a good word for you. Another possibility is to contact friends or family members who commonly stay in Airbnb properties. When they check out, they might leave your business card on a table.

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Contact Airbnb owner

Another marketing strategy that may need some more effort on your side is to compile a list of all Airbnb listings in your region and call rental owners to inquire about your cleaning services. There is a significant probability that if any of these rental property owners do not already have a cleaning service, they would be open to hearing about your business. This is where a well-crafted and executed business proposal comes in help. This technique may entail some legwork on your behalf, but the majority of vacation rental owners would welcome the chance to meet you in person.

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Use Your Social Media and Your Website

Digital marketing is the most often employed marketing method. Having a strong social media presence for your company is one of the most effective marketing tools you can have for your cleaning service. If your marketing budget allows for more than free social media accounts, you can always advertise your cleaning service on Google. Additionally, Facebook has an ad platform where you may market your company. A professional-looking website is another excellent marketing tool for your cleaning business. This is a digital billboard for your firm, so seek the assistance of a knowledgeable site designer.


If you want to provide your professional airbnb cleaning business, you must ensure that you promote effectively. Your marketing effort must begin with a step-by-step strategy. After you've developed your strategy, it's time to do consumer research. One of the most efficient methods of doing this is via the use of a professionally licensed cleaning service. Additionally, you may use whatever contacts you have within your network to get recommendations and build familiarity with Airbnb's rules and standards. Finally, publicize your airbnb cleaning firm using every available digital marketing channel, including Google advertisements, business social media profiles, and, of course, a terrific website.

If you are looking for an Airbnb cleaning provider, contact Edomey | Airbnb Cleaning Services for a complimentary quote!