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A Guide To Bundle And Upsell Your Commercial Cleaning Services

How to maximize your commercial cleaning services proposal? It is widely known that earning a lead for business-to-business services is difficult, thus, all business owners want to take advantage and potential of any cleaning contract by selling more bundled services. With 15 years of experience, Edomey | Janitorial Cleaning Services provided you with a 4-self-question 4 guide for any commercial cleaning business owners to maximize their revenue.

1. What are your customers looking for that you're good at and can earn a profit on?

When it comes to operating a cleaning service, payroll and transportation are two of the major expenses. Those expenditures are covered by every extra dollar you may generate after they're on-site. In other words, not every service is created equal.

For example, one person might expect to earn $50 more if they clean a big room, but it could take them 45 minutes to an hour for the task. If there is a small room, as most are these days, the time required to clean it is only 20 minutes." With the same $50 price tag, your profit margin is higher.

A move-in or move-out cleaning task is one that commercial cleaning companies should steer clear of. It looks likes a good deal (about $1,000 or so). However cleaning every square inch of a property is a lot of effort, and they tend to be one-off clients. To accomplish it well, it might take a team of two employees a few days, which means that the expense and profit margins are quite low.

How can you use your time on-site to offset the cost of purchasing new machinery?

Offer service packages that make use of your equipment investments and pay for the gear in order to satisfy customers and increase profitability. Using steam to clean is a great example.

Offer service packages that make use of your equipment investments and pay for the gear in order to satisfy customers and increase profitability.

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Using steam to clean is a great example. if there is a client who wants a steam cleaning service. A commercial cleaning service in Burnaby could be charged $10 per bathroom, $20 per kitchen, or $75 for all of the hardwood floors. Adding that service is simple for the customer, and it may only take one cleaning 30 to 45 minutes, so it's a worthwhile upgrade and an added benefit for the client.

In addition to cleaning mattresses, deodorizing carpets, and folding clothes, these services require just a few minutes to deliver and add minimal cost to the cleaner's bottom line when offered as optional extras.

3. What are some places where your expertise may be of special use?

If you want your cleaning company to succeed, you must put your best foot forward from the minute a potential customer sees your website to the moment you follow up with them after a task is completed.

An effective first impression strategy involves presenting an incentive on your website in exchange for a visitor's contact information. A free and useful information guide is one of the popular things to provide. It's not only instruction on how to clean a shower or mop a floor; it's also tools and suggestions for managing a house.

Market and book customers using that list of email addresses, and then teach your on-site workers to be more than just cleaners. Educate them on the importance of listening to customers, seeing what goes on in their residences, and making logical suggestions for service enhancements. It's a great approach if carried out with care and professionalism/

4. Choose time wisely

If you want to know and understand what matters to your customers, you must have a robust customer relationship management system in place. No, I don't think so. Before or after a party, they could desire a thorough cleaning. How about a new puppy? After that, it's time for thorough cleaning of the carpet, upholstery, etc.

As you begin working with new commercial cleaning clients, don't forget to inquire about their daily problems. You may also use surveys to find out what more you can do for them. Every time you contact a consumer, whether it's on your website, via social media, or in person, ask them what they need and explain how you can meet those requirements.

A specialized package is a good option for any cleaning business owner to develop. For example, if you have a commercial cleaning services company, a 'multi-location disinfectant' deal, and reward customers with perks or discounts for purchasing them, in order to sell more bundles. Discounting an improved service (e.g. giving half-price carpet washing for a single room) is another smart technique to convey the value to the customer and gain income afterwards (e.g. by offering a discount).