5 Steps to Winning Every Commercial Cleaning Contract

A 5-Step Guide to Winning Every Cleaning Contract

People often wonder how the Edomey team manage to win every commercial cleaning proposal in Burnaby, Vancouver, Edmonton, etc. It seems to be a common problem for cleaning service owners. And, regrettably, you will not be successful in every auction. Having said that, Edomey would rather place 100 bids and win 20 of them than place 10 bids and win 10 of them all. If we play more often, we always are better than someone who plays 10 times a week. We will walk you through the 5 Steps you need to do to really close a commercial cleaning bid in the following sentences.

Step One: Find Out Who Make The Decision

An owner of a firm who is capable of making real choices, or a close influencer who can act on behalf of the owner and the company, is a decision-maker. For example, if I am the primary decision-maker. You wouldn't have to go through me if you wanted to know about our WiFi needs, or if you were trying to sell us a product, or if you had any questions about our building's lease. This is where our operations manager comes in to help with the more mundane duties.

For example, if you're trying to sell your commercial cleaning services in Burnaby, you must speak to the correct individual from your target client. A common blunder is to quickly inquire for the owner's name. It's more common than you'd think to enlist the assistance of a subordinate or even a superior. An operation or general manager might fulfil this role. From company to company, it varies.

That said, be sure to do your homework and ask for the ideal person to speak with if you can figure it out from the company website or social media. Just make sure you ask for a decision-maker who is responsible for evaluating the commercial cleaning pitching if you can't figure out who they are based on your study.

Step 2: Determine What Their Issues Are

After you've determined the issue, you'll need to find a solution. The problem might be that the existing cleaners don't always take away the waste or dust as well as they could. Alternatively, they might not have a commercial cleaning company for them at all right now. There is a slew of issues that might arise, and you must find out what they are.

Asking precise inquiries such as, "Do you presently have a commercial cleaning service team for you? ", might help you pinpoint their issue. If so, how pleased are you with their performance? What aspects of the existing service would you want to see improved? Find out what's bothering them right now by asking as many questions as you need to. Once you've identified the issue, you're in a better position to provide solutions that are specific to their needs.

In addition, you don't want to insult the decision-maker by disparaging their present commercial cleaning service. You don't want to seem to be doubting the decision-making skills of the person who hired the commercial cleaning firm in the first place.

Step Three: Address Their Issue

The next step is to demonstrate that you have the ability to provide the best commercial cleaning service for your client. Instead of just stating the issue, quoting a price, and outlining the unique selling proposition of your business, you should describe how your commercial cleaning technique differs from the competition. You want to demonstrate how the customer will profit from the change.

Having identified the root cause, you'll be motivated to look into possible solutions. Consider that the issue is that their existing commercial cleaning team has certain days unaccounted for when it seems that they have not cleaned. To demonstrate how you can resolve the problem, you'll need to link your services to it. For example, you may utilize an app or software that tracks when personnel clock in and leave and do inspections. That would ensure that the client would never have to worry about their commercial cleaner missing any cleans. A notice will go out to you in the event that they are running late, and you may then follow up with them.

As a result, you must first tackle their issue, and then everything else should become crystal apparent. Next, ask yourself, "does this fix your problem?" In such case, you're on the verge of achieving your goal!

Step 4: What Will They Get From Your Commercial Cleaning Services?

You must be able to show them how they will benefit from working with you.

Commercial cleaning services need regular contact with our clients at least once a week. It is certain that you may come into touch with these companies when providing a commercial cleaning service on a weekly or even seven-day per week basis. As a result, you must ask yourself whether you are someone with whom others might imagine themselves working for an extended period of time Do you go out of your way to help them? Inquire about their finances before you begin working with them. A long-term commercial connection between the two of you will have to be decided on by both of you.

Final Step: Send The Complimentary Quote

When it comes to pricing, many in our sector have the mentality that "the price is the price and that's that," leaving little space for wiggle room or flexibility. Most companies have a set budget for cleaning services, and if you don't fit that or aren't prepared to lower your pricing to meet them, they aren't going to work with you, so keep that in mind. Making ensuring you can fit all of the services clients want and need in your annual budget is a top priority.

This may need some kind of compromise. You may always discuss the number of days per week or month that you come in to complete the cleans if their budget isn't nearly adequate for your services.

You should be able to come up with a pricing that both of you can agree on after a lot of talk regarding their goals and requirements. Also, you should make it clear that you want to continue this connection.

Where do I start?

A winning bid requires this information. It will take you longer to win the bid if you don't follow these instructions carefully. In addition, you could not even win because you're addressing the wrong issue or the wrong individual.