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7 Tips For Effective Hotel Cleaning Services 2022

Quality hotel cleaning services make visitors feel at home. The following guide will lead you through everything you need to do, including hotel recommendations, to provide your visitors the hotel cleaning service they expect.

A competent hotel cleaning service may make or break a hotel visit. It's crucial to maintain a consistent level of cleanliness since visitors will only comment on the lack of cleanliness if it's extreme. Nobody wants to stay in a place that seems like hundreds of other people have already slept there in the last year. For this reason, it is crucial that your cleaning crew leaves no trace of the previous visitors in each room once they leave.

The hotel cleaning staff's daily duties include making the beds, cleaning and disinfecting the rooms, changing the linens, and restocking the bathroom and kitchen. Hotel cleaning services are responsible for deep cleaning each guest room and making it ready for new visitors by changing the sheets and towels before check-in. Every floor has its own manager in charge of the cleaning staff. Room maintenance difficulties should be reported to management, who is responsible for scheduling shifts, assessing housekeepers' work, reordering supplies, and communicating with guests. There are also linen attendants and laundry porters who help maintain a constant supply of clean sheets and towels.

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Create a Hotel Cleaning Strategy

In order to ensure that your guests' rooms are spotless, you must use a foolproof cleaning approach. This would require determining the optimal number of hotel cleaning each shift and developing a cleaning checklist for them to utilize. Knowing the staffing needs of the hotel at different occupancy levels is also crucial. For a housekeeper to give a room a deep cleaning, count on spending about 45 minutes in there. However, this time might be reduced if simply the most basic turn-down service is required. For an eight-hour shift, depending on the size of the room, a housekeeper should be able to clean around ten rooms. Generally speaking, a decent estimate of the personnel needed at any particular moment may be obtained by dividing the number of occupied rooms by 10.

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How To Clean A Hotel Room

Following is a simple guide that may be used as a starting point for creating your own hotel room and bathroom cleaning checklist. Keep in mind that there should be separate checklists for the various room varieties. The cleaning procedures for the honeymoon suite are likely to vary from those of a standard economy accommodation. The following are some housekeeping techniques that should be used by attendants while cleaning a bedroom:

1. Air Out The Room: Open all of the room's windows and balcony doors to let some fresh air in. This will not only let in some much-needed breeze but also keep any residual scents of cleaning products at bay. While cleaning, the attendant should keep the main entrance open to increase ventilation.

2. Strip The Bed: Empty the bed of all bedding and put it in the washing basket. This isn't always essential, however, if the same visitor occupies the room for many nights in a row. When your visitors return, all you have to do is properly remake the bed. We call this "turndown service" for guests. The visitor may request a complete change of linens by leaving a card on the bed or on the doorway at certain hotels.

3. Clean up the rubbish by emptying the trash cans and picking up any other litter in the area. Trash can liners should be changed out.

4. Refill the coffee and tea supplies and replace any dirty cups or mugs.

5. Dusting: When dusting a room, it's best to start from the ceiling and work your way down to the floor. It's important to sweep the space beneath the bed, behind the headboard, and on top of the closet and cabinet doors.

6. Vacuum the furniture and upholstery: use a vacuum with a tool designed for cleaning upholstery to get rid of dust and grime. The attachment may also be used to vacuum the curtains.

7. Disinfect and wipe down all surfaces. Carefully relocate any of the guest's items that are in the way and replace them in a tidy manner thereafter.

8. Inspect the mattress: for wear and damage before each bed change and report any problems to upper management. If everything seems in order, change the sheets and pillows and make the bed according to the hotel's specifications. Those throw pillows and blankets need to be replaced.

9. Sanitize and dust all electronics: including televisions and telephones. Dust may accumulate on screens, so keeping them clean is a priority.

10. The floor should be cleaned: so that you aren't giving yourself more labour to do after dusting. Carpets should be vacuumed, and the floors cleaned and mopped if possible.

11. Lock the windows and double-check everything: Put up any available shutters or blinds. Put the thermostat back to its original setting and give the area one more once-over to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Hotel Cleaning - Deep Cleaning Guide

When a regular dusting and vacuuming just aren't cutting it, it's time to get out the heavy duty cleaning tools. Once every few months, you should do the following:

  • Use a steam cleaner for a thorough carpet cleaning.
  • Use a steam cleaner with a specialised attachment to thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture and window coverings.
  • Use a floor polisher to restore the original lustre of tile and another hard flooring.
  • Empty the contents of the vacuum and wash the covers and shields. To prolong the life of your mattress, rotate it as directed.
  • Pillowcases should be washed once a month and thrown away after two years or when they get misshapen.
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How to Clean Hotel Bathrooms

  • Let some air in via the windows
  • Roll up the mats and take out the towels
  • Take out the trash
  • Guest items should be neatly tucked away.
  • Scrub the bathroom and shower thoroughly.
  • Toss the dishes and scrub the taps.
  • Remove urinal dust
  • Towel rail cleaning
  • Restock the bathroom with paper towels and soap.
  • Toss out old towels
  • Clear the filthy ground
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Equipment, Supplies, and Cleaning Products

Your hotel cleaning staff can't accomplish their work effectively without a cart to convey cleaning and room care items.

Keep the following items in your cleaning cart at all times:

  • Vacuum broom and pail
  • Floor cleaning, surface cleaner, sanitizer
  • Cloth, chlorine bleach, and paper towels
  • A duster and furniture polish
  • Bathroom cleanser, toilet cleaner, scrub brush, drain cleaner, and room deodorizer
  • Rubber gloves, bin liners

Guests at your hotel will grow to expect a certain level of cleanliness, and you can ensure they get it by using the aforementioned cleaning checklist. Due to the importance of cleaning to the smooth running of a hotel, Edomey Cleaning is available to provide you with expert housekeeping services.