Professional Cleaning Services

6 Important Steps Of Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning is an essential element of everyday living. At some time throughout the day, everyone cleans something, whether it's their hands, a kitchen countertop at home, or high-touch surfaces at the office. In many organizations, cleaning is essential for maintaining the health and safety of employees and clients. Moreover, in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, it has assumed an even greater significance in people's lives.

Adopting an efficient cleaning technique from professional cleaning services is essential for removing any hazardous germs. Depending on what you're cleaning, the particular cleaning technique and ingredients may vary, however there are normally six phases of cleaning that are necessary to properly disinfect contaminated surfaces.

This post will explain what these six important steps of professional cleaning services include and how to implement them while cleaning. We will also discuss the significance of cleaning processes, as well as how to increase the efficacy and safety of your cleaning efforts. Lastly, we address the distinctions between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, terms that are often used interchangeably yet have distinct distinctions.

Why Are Following Professional Cleaning Services Procedures Important?

Numerous kinds of bacteria and pollutants represent a grave threat to the health of humans and must be eliminated in order to save yours and others'. Regulation 9 of the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992 stipulates that it is a legal responsibility to maintain the workplace properly clean.

During the present COVID-19 epidemic, it is also crucial to limit the transmission of the virus. According to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations of 2002, COVID-19 is a hazardous material (particularly, a "biological agent"), hence it must be managed in the workplace.

Professional Cleaning Services

One method for doing this is thorough cleaning, especially of surfaces that are often touched, such as door handles, handrails, shared appliances and tools, light switches, etc.

Some Instances Of Health Hazards That May Be Avoided With Professional Cleaning Services Are:

  • Viruses including COVID-19, influenza, and the common cold are prevalent in all sorts of workplaces.
  • Food-borne viruses, such as E. coli, salmonella, and campylobacter, which might represent a threat in the hospitality industry, for instance.
  • Infections that are transmissible by bodily fluids, such as HIV, and those that necessitate puncturing the skin, such as in tattoo parlours, are prevalent in healthcare settings and places where the skin is pierced.
  • Restaurant-sourced allergies, for example. Allergy sufferers might have a response to even minute amounts of an allergen.
  • Non-food allergens, such as dust, may be found in many sorts of jobs and may cause an allergic response in sensitive individuals.

By adhering to an appropriate cleaning technique like professional cleaning services, you may avoid them from endangering the health and safety of others.

Professional Cleaning Services

6 Stages Of Professional Cleaning Services

To ensure that all surfaces are clean and ready for use, you need to go through all six phases of professional cleaning services, starting with the removal of any debris, and ending with the removal of any chemicals, so that the surface is fully disinfected and ready for use.

#1. Pre-Cleaning

Removing loose dirt and other items from the infected surface is the first step in cleaning. Wipe, sweep or rinse with a disposable towel to get the job done. The goal here is to get rid of as much loose dirt as possible so that the area may be cleaned further.

Professional Cleaning Services

#2. Main Cleaning

In the second step of cleaning, you loosen and remove any contaminants that were not removed during the pre-clean stage. Hot water and a detergent are used in this procedure. Wipe up loose things immediately, or wait for a set length of time for the disinfectant to do its job before you do so, using an appropriate item, such a towel or mop.

#3. Rinse

In the third step of cleaning, all loose particles, filth, and debris, as well as the detergent from the second stage, are eliminated. You may accomplish so by using clean, hot water and a towel, mop, or squeegee.

Professional Cleaning Services

#4. Disinfection

Using a disinfectant to kill bacteria and other microbes is the fourth step in the cleaning process. By way of example, employing heat or a chemical disinfectant for a sufficient amount of contact time Products and equipment should be used as instructed.

#5. Final Rinse

Clean, hot water should be used to eliminate any disinfectants from the previous cleaning procedure. Depending on the disinfectant and the surface to be cleaned, you may or may not need to do this step. The manufacturer's instructions and, if necessary, third-party counsel should be followed, as indicated before.

#6. Drying

Drying the surface is the last step in cleaning, and it's best to let it air dry if at all feasible. If you must use drying cloths, make sure they are single-use, particularly if you are using them in a business environment. When drying cloths that have been used, they should not be air-dried since germs may form on the cloths and represent a hazard to the public.

Depending on the chemicals you employed, the surface should be completely clean and free of germs at this time.

Note: After each use, you should thoroughly clean any cloths or other reusable cleaning materials, including drying cloths. Dry them either in a dryer or by air drying after cleaning them with soap and water (this is suitable for clean, wet cloths, not ones that are damp from use).

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