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5 Ways To Get More Cleaning Contracts

Finding and maintaining customers is the trickiest aspect of starting a commercial cleaning service, but it's also the most exhilarating. Your commercial cleaning services company already has an established customer that you can market to, and there are now more ways than ever before to advertise and communicate your services to that clientele!

In order to establish a commercial cleaning company, you'll need to learn how to get customers. You don't need a lot of money to expand your cleaning service. All you need is a strong sense of self-control and unwavering courage.

Create A Local Network

Your local network is comprised of everyone you are presently acquainted with. Your family, friends, barista, and anyone with whom you seldom communicate. It makes no difference whether anything is good or awful but local networking is essential for commercial cleaning services business owners. Begin by compiling a list of at least 100 individuals and contacting them.

Meet with each of these individuals. Make lunch. Pay a visit to their place of employment. Inquire about their family and learn about their recent activities. It makes no difference what you discuss. The objective is to reconnect with them and establish a connection.

Your local connection could surprisingly give you more leads than you imagine as it is common sense as words of mouth is the most optimal marketing method. Referrals could also come from your local network.

Attend Networking Events

Take advantage of networking events as a terrific way to meet a large number of like-minded individuals in one location. If you're new to networking, these gatherings are an excellent opportunity to focus on your company's mission statement and really identify what you stand for. You have around 30 seconds to express who you are, what you do, and what distinguishes you. Begin with one individual at a time, and by the event's conclusion, your message will be refined and prepared for any listening ear.

Meeting customers at BNI groups, Chamber of Commerce events, and even wine tastings can be a lot of fun. In any case, it doesn't matter what the occasion is. Make sure you're at the hubs of activity.

You must be ready for these occurrences. Make a practise of your elevator speech. To keep the discussion going, have a list of questions ready. Find out why and who you want to meet in advance. Do you prefer an estimate or a meeting for lunch? Are you interested in a business card?? You don't want to seem like a complete fool at these gatherings. The event will run more smoothly if you have a goal in mind.

Door-To-Door Offer

An area with numerous businesses-setting offices such as downtown, the industrial area is such an ideal place for door-to-door marketing. Knocking door-to-door, handling a leaflet, a brochure, and giving information are exactly how its works. Opting for locations where multiple businesses are in walking distance is a good way to save time with optimal efficiency. Do you know that a full-time door-to-door salesperson could give you at least 5 to 10 leads every month?

The point of a door-to-door marketing offer from a commercial cleaning services business is to provide a complimentary quote by really estimating the client's business facility size. Ask the office administrator for their cleaning schedule, take note, offer solutions and follow up after a few days.

Third-party Platform

Doing research on third-party platforms where clients post their hiring post for commercial cleaning services and send an email is such a solution for many small commercial cleaning services companies. After that, all you need to do is send an email or make a call to introduce your commercial cleaning services and to give a quote.


A traditional sales method that has proved to be effective with Edomey for the last 15 years and brought us thousands of dollar contracts each month is cold-calling. Calling businesses in the area that are looking for commercial cleaning services is always the best solution to get new leads as you have a chance to speak directly with potential clients. It is simple by just listing 50 business phone numbers in the local area every day and making the sales call, setting a hook, raising their interest, and asking for a walkthrough if possible. This will not only make your company sound professional but also look professional in the appointment.