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5 Tips To Win Every Bids For Commercial Cleaning Companies

Before settling on a pricing, you will need to complete the phase of bidding on a commercial cleaning contract that is considered to be the most crucial. You may guarantee that the estimate you offer to a prospective new customer accurately reflects the quality of the service you deliver to that client by doing research, asking questions, and performing the appropriate cost calculations. New commercial cleaning companies can make use of these five suggestions to get contracts for cleaning.

#1 Recognize Client Expectations

Beginning effective bids for cleaning contracts starts with due diligence. "Obtain a thorough grasp of the client's company and facility type," If feasible, organize a site visit to tour the customer around the property. A personal visit enables you to convey your narrative and comprehend the client's requirements and expectations. Your chances of winning a bid grow enormously if you can establish a personal connection with the bidder and provide outstanding service.

During the site visit, take detailed notes and request permission to take photographs. If the customer does not offer measurements of the room, be prepared to take them yourself. When drafting the final bid, you may go back to your notes, images, and measurements.

A complete and precise site-survey audit sheet is essential for submitting a winning proposal. A site survey audit sheet should contain the quantity and kinds of fixtures, windows, rooms, and flooring in the area.

#2 Assess the Opportunity

During the walkthrough, inquire about the client's degree of satisfaction with the existing cleaning service.

  • What are their primary complaints and concerns?
  • Why are they seeking a new contract for commercial cleaning?

Determine the major purchasing reasons of the client: "Why are they coming to market, and what will it take to win?"

Posing insightful inquiries will allow you to overcome the competitors. Listed below are some recommendations for topics to discuss during a visit:

· Special equipment and supplies

  • Frequency of cleaning duties
  • Supply vendors
  • Product utilization levels
  • Special requests
  • Cleanable and non-cleanable region

Depending on the cleaning requirements, control expectations." Seeing the space's layout and recording the number of bathrooms and other cleaning places can assist you in evaluating the opportunity so that you can submit a competitive proposal.

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#3 Calculate the Expected Cleaning Square Footage

One method for calculating the bid price for a commercial cleaning companies is by using the cleanable square footage.

Correctly pricing commercial cleaning tasks will raise the likelihood of your proposal being chosen. Utilizing the RFP is essential for submitting accurate bid information. A RFP is an excellent resource for preparing a proposal for a commercial cleaning contract, particularly if a site visit is not possible. The RFP will include all the information you need to formulate a proposal, including the data you would have obtained on a site visit. The cleanable square footage should be provided in an RFP for commercial cleaning services.

Cleanable square footage is the entire amount of area, such as offices, bathrooms, and open floor space, that requires cleaning. There are places in a structure that do not need cleaning, such as server rooms and closets. Having the space's cleanable square footage will aid you in submitting a proposal.

If you do not obtain the cleanable square footage from the RFP or the customer, you may calculate it. Subtract from the overall square footage of the building any non-cleaning areas. Using the cleanable square footage, compute a price per square foot for custodial services. The average cost per square foot for commercial cleaning services ranges from $0.5 to $0.50. The cost per square foot might also vary depending on the kind and size of the institution.

Here's an illustration:

10000 cleanable sq. ft. X $.30/sq. ft. = $3000 estimate

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#4 Determine Time and Staffing

You will also need to calculate your employee's salary. Determine how much time and how many personnel will be required to finish the task. Multiply the required number of staff and their hourly wage by the number of hours required to clean the facility.

  • For example, if the operation needs three workers at $10 per hour and would take six hours to complete, the cost to staff the job is $180.

Understanding the cleanable square footage and personnel salary is essential for correctly estimating a bid. There are several pricing structures for cleaning jobs. There is no "correct" method. Investigate various pricing strategies for services and see what the competition is charging.

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#5 Account for Every Expense

It is time to finish your cleaning offer after you receive the scope of work from the site visit or RFP, as well as the cleanable square footage and personnel salary. Pricing too low is a typical error made by construction service providers. Your cleaning proposal should convey your worth to the customer. If necessary, you may always limit the frequency of cleaning activities to negotiate a cheaper fee.

List each cleaning job, its frequency, the day it will be performed, and the corresponding cost when submitting the proposal. On Mondays, for instance, the floors will be waxed once every week. Facility managers like to know precisely what they are paying for and what to anticipate.

Add cleaning supplies, equipment, transportation, and employee expenses. If you have previously bid on comparable tasks, utilize those bids to confirm that you are in the ballpark. Another frequent issue made by new commercial cleaning companies is underestimating overhead expenses in the final quote. Include 10 to 20 percent for overhead expenses such as advertising, insurance, and taxes in your final estimate.

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Submit and Request Opinions

Follow up your bid submission with a phone call or email. And if you do not get the bid, inquire as to the cause. Obtaining feedback can assist you in refining your technique for future bids on commercial cleaning contracts. Every new proposal is a chance to exhibit your company's value and learn something new.

The secret to successful bidding lies in the particulars. Understanding the scope of work and the expectations of the prospective customer will distinguish your proposal. Remember to account for overhead expenses, and do not undervalue the quality of service of commercial cleaning companies delivers. A successful offer is one in which both sides are happy.

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