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5 Tips to Make Office Cleaning Fun For Holiday 2022

"There's a little bit of joy in every work that must be done," Mary Poppins says. It's a blast once you get going. Working is fun! While office cleaning may not be the most interesting part of the job, it still deserves to be enjoyed. Here are five techniques to make cleaning the workplace more enjoyable for everyone involved, which will hopefully motivate more people to help out and maintain a positive atmosphere.

office cleaning

1. Install A Basket Over The Garbage And Recycling Bins.

This is a tried and true method, and it works wonders as a stress reliever on those boring days at the office. Placing tiny basketball goals above the wastebaskets may serve as an extra incentive for employees to dispose of paper trash in the right container if your business uses a lot of paper products that need to be thrown away or recycled. Basketball hoops should, of course, be used only in areas where your trash won't be visible to customers (break rooms, stock rooms, etc.).

Perhaps the CEO of the company shouldn't use a hoop to conceal his trash can. That's not a very businesslike move on your part.

2. Create a Cleaning Incentive Program

Establishing a rewards programme for tidying up the workplace will motivate employees to pick up after themselves during their own time. Assign points to the many errands that need to be run around the workplace, and make sure each person has a sheet to record the cleaning jobs they do during the day. At the conclusion of the week, the employee who racked up the most points will be awarded a unique incentive, such as an additional hour's worth of pay, a gift card to a local restaurant, free lunch for a week, or some similar benefit. Make it a rule that nobody can go home until all of the duties for the day have been completed. It's possible that some workers have more time than others to devote to cleaning responsibilities; hence, this is a chance for individuals to be rewarded for going above and beyond the call of duty.

office cleaning

3. Placing Inspiring Memes Throughout the Office

Memes are hilarious photographs from the internet that have words or phrases put on them. Cleaning-related memes, such as those depicting people emptying trash cans or cleaning off countertops, are commonplace online. If you can’t discover a meme that matches your requirements, develop your own! Keeping things fresh will offer your staff something to anticipate. This is a fun and subtle method to keep the workplace tidy without bringing down morale.

office cleaning

4. Have a “Mess” Day At The Office

Make one day a month a "mess" day, when everyone in the company tosses away old documents, cleans out the break room, and generally makes the workplace a shambles. This may seem to be counterintuitive, but it simply allows staff to create a huge mess before everything is cleaned up. Consider a toddler jumping in a pile of leaves before throwing them away in a garbage bag. The same logic applies here. You may set your staff free and then clean up after themselves if the mess day happens on a day when there are no customers or in an area where consumers cannot see what is going on.

5. Do Motivational Speech About Office Cleaning

Cleaning isn't something most people look forward to doing, but with the correct attitude, you can get your staff energised about their contributions to the office. Remind them that a neat and tidy space makes for a more relaxing setting, and show them how it's done. Don't leave any crumbs or garbage in your cube and don't litter the break area. Your staff will quickly be able to see your criteria for quality and, ideally, will strive to meet them.

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