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5 Tips for Getting Started with Office Composting 2022

Composting at the office is an important services from office cleaning companies 2022. Find out below where to begin and how we can support you in your efforts. Contact Edomey Cleaning right once if you want to start composting at the workplace. To ensure the long-term success of your company, we can assist you in making it ecologically and socially responsible as well as profitable.

Tips for Getting Started with Office Composting

Green office cleaning companies from the start, Edomey Cleaning has always done its part to help the planet. That has expanded to include composting in the workplace as well as non-toxic cleaning methods. Throughout our workplace cleanings in the Waterloo area, we found that a lot of food scraps and other organic materials were being thrown away. That's why we started the Green Cleaning Program!

office cleaning companies

1) Contact Edomey Cleaning

All commercial waste is thrown into the trash and sent to the landfill because businesses lack access to established composting programmes. Over the a year, each of Edomey client with a workforce of only 20-25 produced more than 600 pounds of organic trash. Get started with our assistance; just deciding to reach out to us is a huge accomplishment.

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2. Educate Your Employee

What goes in the green garbage should be made clear to everyone. We throw out everything: bones, peelings, shells, baking materials, ruined food, raw food, cooked food, and everything in between (remove all packaging, stickers)

  • Quantity of liquids is limited (one cup per green bin maximum) (Use our Cooking oil drop-off program)
  • Paper plates, paper towels, face tissue, grease-stained takeout paper packaging, paper baking cups, shredded paper, and so on.
  • Toenail clippings, hair, feathers, and pet faeces that have been rolled up. Discover more about proper pet waste disposal here.
  • Greenery from wreaths, garlands, and houseplants (remove pots, wire, decorations)
  • Dental picks made of wood
  • Ashes of cold wood (place in an acceptable liner bag)
  • Pumpkins (remove candles, decorations and place on top of or beside your green bin)
office cleaning companies

3. Using Green Bin

Bringing up composting in the workplace and teaching everyone about what may be put in is a great first step, but the success of the programme depends on people actually doing it. Those that set the pace in programme participation should be recognized and rewarded.

office cleaning companies

5). Add Organic Waste To The Composting Process.

A member of the office cleaning companies like Edomey will come by once a week to empty your compost and bring in a new one. Where do we proceed from here? They will either be utilized as compost at Edomey Cleaning's worm farm, distributed to community garden compost heaps, or transported to the Region's Compost facility or Davidson Environmental (a high grade fertilizer). Any employees who have a green thumb are welcome to take home any of the worm castings produced.

office cleaning companies

Start Composting at The Office With Edomey!

Since Edomey Cleaning is a family-run company serving the local community, we serve every client with the same level of care and consideration we give our own loved ones. All of our customers can count on us to be honest, reliable, and thorough.

Edomey Cleaning has always been dedicated to providing eco-friendly office cleaning services, and we use only non-toxic products to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers.

If you already have a weekly office cleaning service, you may save even more money by signing up for the Green Cleaning Program as well.

We stand behind all of our work since we value our reputation highly. Contact us within 24 hours if you are not totally pleased, and we will come back and fix the problem at no extra charge. We guarantee a free week of Office Care if we don't react to any customer correspondence within 24 hours of receiving it. We promise that.

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