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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Computer's Keyboard Always Look Like New

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Here Are Five Easy Ways to Make Your Computer's Keyboard Look Like New

1. Flip Keyboard Upside Down And Tap

Particularly on desktop models with big spaces between the keys, dust, crumbs, and other debris may readily accumulate on the keyboard. The mental health of those who are exposed to such filth might be negatively impacted.

Just turn the keyboard over and press gently to loosen some of the filth. This will not only get your computer keyboard cleaner, but it will also improve its performance by removing any debris that may be hindering its operation.

To begin, ensure sure your laptop or computer is switched off.

2. Use Pressurized air to remove Crumbs Inside Keyboard

What about the crumbs that just won't go away or the ones that got under the keys? Specifically, HowStuffWorks recommends:

There is enough movement in this material for a gas duster, sometimes known as "canned air," to be useful. Prop the keyboard on its side on a stable surface to release the dust before using the gas duster. The next step is to use the duster as instructed, directing the straw laterally along the keyboard's gutters and crevices. Any material that doesn't easily come out after being loosened should be tapped out after a series of brief bursts. Continue doing this until you are certain that your keyboard is clean.

3. Keyboard Vacuum

USB vacuum keyboard cleaners come in a variety of designs.

There are a lot of options out there, so it's important to take everything into account before settling on the best one for you. Power-suction, nozzles, efficiency, and battery life are just few of the features to keep an eye out for.

Look at this one in action!

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4. It's Important To Clean The Keys.

Our current area of study is the keyboard's uppermost row of keys. Germs can spread rapidly in an open office setting, especially among employees who regularly use shared computers. Illness in the workplace, brought on by dirty keyboards, may have a significant impact on productivity.

A cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol or a wet towel may be used to clean and disinfect keyboards in the workplace (rubbing alcohol). Isopropyl alcohol dries rapidly, making it a preferable alternative to water, as stated by WikiHow. It's widely available in supermarkets and pharmacies.

To do this, just do the following:

  • Lightly dampen the cotton swab so as not to get too much liquid beneath the keys.
  • To get rid of any lingering dust, oils, or filth, wipe the area surrounding each key.
  • Repeat as necessary to thoroughly clean the sides of each key and the area surrounding it.
  • Replace used swabs as soon as possible.

Note: Take care to avoid any accidents when using a laptop. Although the laptop's delicate hardware is located directly under the keyboard, isopropyl alcohol remains an excellent cleaning option. Wetness beneath the keys is a disaster waiting to happen.

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5. Remove Buttons For Deep Cleaning

According to PC World, disassembling the keyboard could be the only option. Only desktop keyboards with keys that can be removed with a screwdriver fall under this category.

Be sure to read your keyboard's handbook first to see whether key removal is supported before doing this.

After taking out the letter keys, you may clean them with a soapy dishrag or rubbing alcohol. After a quick rinse in clean water, lay the keys flat on a towel to dry completely.

Taking off the key allows you to view the exposed board, which you can then clean thoroughly with the rubbing alcohol solution.

Replace the dried keys, making use of a keyboard diagram as a guide if necessary. For further insurance, wipe it down with a lint-free cloth.

This is a more involved task, but it might be useful to add to your Office Spring Cleaning Checklist!

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