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5 Considerations for Cleaning Places of Worship

Public opinion was divided when religious institutions were requested to seal their doors in an attempt to limit social gatherings last summer. Online services were given by a number of religious leaders in order to comply with the criteria. Others argued that the door should stay open. A return to normality has been signalled by vaccinations, but religious organizations must nevertheless keep an eye on their members and be prepared to support them in the event of an outbreak.

Edomey is a commercial cleaning franchise with locations around British Columbia, Alberta that specializes in providing professional commercial cleaning services for religious institutions such as churches, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship.

If you're looking forward to returning to your religious community, you'll be pleased to hear that church authorities have selected a commercial cleaning firm with 15 years of commercial cleaning services experience like Edomey. The more you establish confidence in your members, the more likely it is that familiar faces will begin to fill the vacant seats. Here are five crucial points to keep in mind as your church prepares to return.

1. Clean The High-Usage Area

There are certain surfaces that need greater maintenance than others. These "high-touch spots" are very important to a commercial cleaning company's bottom line. Pews, kneeling benches, doorknobs, tables, light switches, bathrooms, Holy books, collection baskets, chalices, handbells, and water faucets are examples of high-touch places in your structure.

Edomey | Janitorial Cleaning Services provides a customized cleaning strategy to ensure that all of your high-traffic areas are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. For the purpose of receiving a free quotation for your religious institution, our local representative will connect you with an Edomey Franchise Business Owner who is located in your neighbourhood.

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2. Avoid Cross-Contaminating.

When pathogens, such as bacteria that may cause disease, are transferred from one food product or surface to another via cross-contamination, it can result in foodborne illness. It might happen in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Shopping then go to the church
  • Refrigerating food then go to the church
  • Preparing food then go to the church.

Cross-contamination prevention is a high priority for us. A thorough cleaning isn't enough. Reusing or redipping a soiled cloth or mophead in unclean water will just recirculate germs rather than eradicate them.

Being a member of ISSA, Edomey | Commercial Cleaning Services understands the seriousness of cross-contamination and commits to follow the proven hospital-level cleaning procedure to provide a safe environment to our clients.

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3. Carpeting

99 percent of airborne contaminants may be removed from the environment by utilizing a HEPA filter vacuum and vacuum bags on a regular basis. Vacuuming even if no one has been in the room in days may be necessary. The removal of food, drink, and other impurities from carpets are made easier with a regular, thorough cleaning. Edomey offers a superior level of commercial cleaning services to clients in Burnaby, Vancouver, etc on a contract basis to ensure a healthy and safe environment for your executives.

4. Consider additional services

An lengthy period of time without worship may need more frequent cleaning than the once-daily standard recommends. Besides "On-Demand" disinfection in case of contamination, Edomey provides a "Preventative Maintenance" service:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of hard surfaces
  • Cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Cleaning the windows and the tile and grout.
  • Make your congregation feel at home when they return to your facility with the finishing touches they need to relax.

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5. Enter into A Contract With A Qualified Commercial Cleaning Service Company.

The health and well-being of those who enter a place of worship are directly impacted by how clean the space is. Some people are reluctant to be vaccinated or to admit that they have been vaccinated at all. One of the most effective and least intrusive ways to keep ill people at bay is to have your house cleaned regularly by professionals...

With 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry, Edomey is your partner when it comes to keeping your commercial property clean and sparkling. By offering daily, weekly, and biweekly cleaning we provide the world’s best cleaning on your terms.

Based out of Burnaby, Edomey Cleaning team are trusted across British Columbia and Alberta because we offer unbeatable commercial cleaning services. Our diverse range of solutions makes us flexible enough to partner with a wide variety of businesses. Whether it’s a church or a medical office, we have the skills and equipment to keep every surface spotless.

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