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5 Cleaning Tips for Property Managers

Multi-family residential property management doesn't immediately conjure up images of "cleaning," nor is it one of the most enticing.

It's true, though, that when you approach cleaning more strategically, the outcomes are nearly inevitable: The property attracts more stable renters ready to pay higher rents, maintenance expenses are lowered, and features such as flooring survive longer, which means less spend on capital expenditures.

What's the secret? The following are top five tips from Edomey | Commercial Cleaning Services Vancouver

1. Establish SLAs (Services Level Agreement)

With any cleaning service or property management firm, it's important to set clear expectations for what's expected of the cleaning team: What materials should be utilized; what precise things and places should be cleaned; and the repercussions if these benchmarks are not fulfilled on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

2. Create A Customized Long-Term Plan

In order to be a great property manager, you need to think long-term. You need to have strategies in place for acquiring renters, methods for maintaining the best tenants, and maintenance schedules in place. In contrast, cleaning receives less attention since it isn't regarded as a component of the building's long-term financial viability.

If a property's yearly strategic plan includes a cleaning schedule, it will guarantee that it is addressed appropriately (and will ultimately lower the maintenance line item in the budget).

Edomey | Commercial Cleaning Services Vancouver provide free consultant to help clients create a customized cleaning for any request.

3. Regular Floor Cleaning

Most flooring can last up to twice as long as flooring that has been ignored or cleaned incorrectly, according to industry experts.

Laminate, ceramic tile, marble, and carpet are all common types of flooring in big multifamily residential complexes. Establish a regular programme for thorough cleaning each floor type in addition to the daily mopping and vacuuming.

Tips: If you're not sure what products and equipment to use, ask a cleaning or flooring professional for advice.

4. Don't forget about the walls.

Painting over the dirt every year is a costly way to fix the issue of dirty walls, which convey a subliminal message that the building isn't first-rate (and ultimately leaves walls and trim looking older than they should).

Preventing ground-in dirt that necessitates repainting by establishing a regular cleaning routine, particularly in heavy usage common areas, will keep the property appearing fresh for longer.

5. Choose The Right Cleaning Solutions

A well-chosen cleaning product may make your property appear nicer for longer and save you money in the long run. If it's part of your company's broader mission, the proper items may also help you satisfy your environmental standards. With the correct product combination, you may be able to spend less time cleaning without jeopardizing the cleanliness of your house. Consider working with an experienced sanitation provider who can assist in developing a strategy and selecting the correct product mix to optimize outcomes and reduce expenses, as well as guarantee that your supplies are automatically supplied as necessary.

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