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5 Cleaning Experts' Tips for Improving Church Cleanliness

Do you know that there are more than 2,000,000 people identified as Christian in British Columbia who come to churches every week? Church custodians used to be able to do all of the essential cleanings in a church but the reality has shifted in the year 2020 with the advent of COVID-19.

commercial cleaning services church

Daily normal cleaning isn't safe anymore as we can't be sure that how long COVID-19 can survives on different surfaces. However, data reveals that depending on the type of surface, it can survive on items and surfaces for a few hours to days. For example:

  • COVID-19 can be left on stainless steel and plastic for up to a week.
  • COVID-19 on glass can last for up to four days.
  • COVID-19 can linger on copper for up to four hours.

Church pews, carpets, flooring, floors, desks, bibles, documents, and other items can also be contaminated. Therefore, not only do you need to have a deep clean common area in the church, but it also needs to be disinfected.

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is now important to disinfect our houses of worship in addition to cleaning them. Although the majority of custodians understand how to maintain a church clean, they have no clue what is required to adequately disinfect against coronavirus.

Germs are removed from surfaces by cleaning them with soap or detergent and water. Washing does not necessarily kill germs; it only decreases their population. There is a reduction in the chance of infection, although it is not completely eradicated. The disinfection technique may not always clean a filthy surface, but it does destroy bacteria. Keeping your church safe requires a two-step procedure of cleaning and disinfection that must be done on a regular basis.

5 Cleaning Expert's Tips for Improving Church Cleanliness

1. Identify the High-Usage Zones

A good starting point is to go through your church and make a list of the spots where people commonly stay. Observe and take note of the number of persons who use each location and the days of the week when they are there. Include information on the sorts of surfaces with which people come into touch. Carpeting, plastic storage tubs, hardwood floors, church seats, and other surfaces require different cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Your list will assist you in determining how frequently you should clean and disinfect. Consider how frequently your custodian is accessible to undertake adequate cleaning and sanitizing.

2. Church Pew Concern

Prior to 2020, church pew maintenance was simple. Only a short dusting and application of premium furniture polish kept them looking clean and neat for services. On sometimes, additional maintenance is required:

commercial cleaning services church
  • Spills—When a child's drink box or an adult's coffee accidentally falls over, Murphy's Oil Soap cleans up the mess fast and simply.
  • Scratches—surface scratches occur; spraying Schotts Liquid Gold on a towel and rubbing typically removes them; if not, a MinWax Stain Pencil may be required.
  • Polishing—At least every six months, wipe all surfaces with furniture polish, especially under the pews, to preserve the wood in good condition.

If you are unsure how to protect the wood surface of your church pews while disinfecting, you will want to call Edomey Janitorial Cleaning Service. They will make sure the procedure is performed in a manner that protects the parishioners from infection and your wood from damage.

3. Carpet cleaning

Everybody finds it difficult when it comes to cleaning a carpet. Normal cleaning is simple; you can only a vacuum and a spot removal solution for any spills. the longer a stain remains on the carpet, the more difficult it is to clean.

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When looking for a spot removal solvent, search for one that has been approved by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America. You may also try removing the stain with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, waiting one hour, and then wiping the affected area to lift the stain. While this is sufficient for a fast touch-up, you should ensure that these places where children play are kept spotlessly clean and disinfected. That is when Edomey professional cleaning service comes in handy.

Edomey Janitorial offers a variety of cleaning methods, including steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, spot cleaning, and more, to keep your church looking its best. They can maintain your carpeting, hardwood, or linoleum floors clean by applying disinfectant or sanitizer as needed.

4. Washroom Cleaning

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This is a high-traffic location in any public institution that is prone to germs. Fixtures, counters, partition walls, doors, toilets, and urinals must all be cleaned and disinfected. Remember to clean the towel dispensers, toilet paper holders, sanitary disposal bins, and baby changing stations as well. Trash cans should be emptied, cleaned, and sanitized both within and outside the church. Remember that trash cans in toilets may include regular hand towels as well as used baby wipes, filthy diapers, and other items.

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5. Using hospital-level cleaning chemical!

Your regular detergents may not be enough disinfecting to protect against the coronavirus. You can find out which Covid- efficiently chemical is good for your cleaning on Clorox. They have a webpage dedicated to coronavirus disinfection using bleach, which is often used for disinfection.

Moreover, when disinfecting, the cleaner must follow the manufacturer's directions. Depending on the surface to be disinfected, there are instructions for mixing the right amount of water and bleach. You must also adhere to the precise contact time to kill COVID-19. There are numerous disinfectants on the market, and it is vital that you read and follow the labelling carefully. Most firms recommend wearing protective glasses, face shields, gloves, and clothing to protect oneself from poisons.

A professional Church cleaning service is the ideal solution for ensuring the safety of your parishioners.

A clean church is essential to prayer and religious worship. Your building needs to remain a welcoming place and cleanliness is part of that. Whatever it is, our team can make sure that cleanliness is part of the holiness of your building and we will adapt our services to your specific requirements.

Edomey will fulfill your commitment to your parishioners in this very important realm of cleanliness, however many days you need it, Sunday and beyond. Hygiene is part of spirituality and we clean as much as you need to make sure your building is as clean as possible.