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5 Business Opportunities For Entrepreneur in 2022

For a business to succeed, it is critical to creating new high-demand firms that solve today's concerns. During the outbreak, commercial cleaning services, delivery services, and other need-based businesses prospered. These businesses were quick to identify a market gap and take the chance to close it.

Each of the following service-oriented small enterprises combines complementary skill sets and is growing post-pandemic. While competition is fierce within each category, emphasizing your unique selling proposition, or what differentiates you, may make all the difference in terms of grabbing market share. Edomey | Commercial Cleaning Services.


According to research, before the pandemic, 88% of two-parent households and 83% of single-parent families depended on outside childcare before the pandemic, according to research. During that period, it was projected that North American parents spent more than $42 million on early education and care. Tremendous demand for safe, high-quality childcare choices remains as parents consider or face returning to the workforce after the pandemic's devastation of child care facilities. Small, individualized daycare "hubs" are becoming more popular, and they may be an excellent business opportunity for those who like working with children and who have a house large enough to care for several children. Allowing for more attention and safety while boosting sociability among infants and toddlers is achieved by keeping the space modest.

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Custom Meal Delivery

Starting a custom meal prep and delivery company may position you for enjoyment, fulfilment, and financial success as a home chef who is competent at producing healthful meals. Meal kit subscriptions are used by 17% of North American people, and 90% of those customers recommend the service to others. Identifying what you like cooking and the most popular cuisine trends in your region is a fantastic place to begin. Perhaps your soups and salads are so popular with your friends and family that they constantly ask for the recipes, or perhaps your custom-made cakes for children's birthdays are the talk of the town. Perhaps you've honed your skills in the kitchen to create delectable dishes that accommodate a member of your family's food allergy or sensitivity.

Marketing to your talents, expertise, and delight is the best way to get the word out about your time-saving, healthy, and creative service to busy, working parents. You'll need to familiarise yourself with the rules governing home-based food enterprises in your state, and you may choose to begin by renting commercial premises.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are increasingly being used by businesses of all kinds to do a wide range of administrative and project management tasks (VA). In addition to improving productivity and efficiency, these self-employed remote support positions also save a lot of money for businesses in terms of operational expenses. Social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), and on-demand customer support are some of the more specialized VA abilities. By being well-versed in the latest technology and able to multitask across many tasks at once, you may rise to the top in your field. The greater your income might be, the more experience and expertise you have. Virtual assistants often charge between $16 and $30 an hour.

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Residential Cleaning Services

Housecleaning services might be a profitable small business choice for those who like cleaning and thrive on order and organisation. Between 2021 and 2026, the market for professional cleaning services is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 6%. Eco-friendly cleaning companies who employ "green" and sustainable alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners are becoming more popular. Choosing a trustworthy, competent, and meticulously clean someone to take care of your property might be a struggle. In other words, customers will typically pay a premium for a cleaning company that can deliver on all of those promises. For a one-bedroom apartment, prices range from $91 to $185 each night. Cleaning for a move-in or move-out might cost hundreds of dollars for a thorough clean.

However, word of mouth about individuals who give great cleaning services spreads like wildfire, so your customer list may develop rapidly and you may find yourself needing to recruit staff before you realise it. The unexpected may happen, so be sure you've got insurance and a plan in place in the event of a spill, breakage, or accident.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Over the next five years, the Canadian commercial cleaning services business is expected to continue to rise. This expansion is the consequence of a sustained increase in corporate earnings, which will most likely allow firms to more easily afford outsourced commercial cleaning services in the near future. Furthermore, as both commercial development and the number of enterprises grow, the overall quantity of usable floor space will certainly expand, necessitating the need for commercial cleaning services, hence increasing the industry's potential pool of clients in the process.

For example, thousands of businesses in the Vancouver downtown area experienced a significant increase in foot traffic after the social restriction is no longer in effect. All businesses that want employees and clients to stay safe need to have a protection plan to reduce infections due to the possibility of face-to-face communication. As a result, professional commercial cleaning services companies become a salient solution for businesses due to its effectiveness and affordable prices.

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