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4 Winter Cleaning Tips For Your Office 2022

It may not feel like winter just yet, but it's smart to be ready for the colder weather ahead. It's best to take precautions to protect everyone's safety before the temperature drops below freezing. When you choose Edomey Cleaning, they will send a professional to your workplace and provide you advice on how to clean throughout the winter. This article shows you the 4 Winter Cleaning Tips to meet your office cleaning needs.

Cleaning Tips

1. Take Precautions to Preserve the Entrance and the Pathways

There is a dramatic increase in the number of slip-and-fall injuries that occur in public buildings throughout the winter. When temperatures drop dramatically, hazardous circumstances like snow and ice may set in. Before inclement weather comes, it's vital to implement specific safety procedures within your facilities, such as putting out safety mats at the main entrances. These mats may get soiled in severe weather, which will detract from the aesthetic value of your business. Follow Edomey's cleaning tips and our floor care services, you may get the slush, filth, and salt removed from your mats with simple washing and encapsulation.

Cleaning Tips

2. To Prevent Illness, Disinfect!

Maintaining clean and sanitized business premises is crucial. Even if we aren't dealing with a pandemic, the colder weather and the arrival of flu season highlight the need for a rigorous cleaning and disinfection regimen. This is now simpler than ever thanks to our access to specialized disinfection services. For total piece of mind that no germs or viruses have been left behind, follow our cleaning tips with disinfection spray.

3. Deep Cleaning Services

No matter how clean a facility is when it first opens, professional cleaning services will eventually be required, particularly for flooring. In this regard, we may name the following:

  • Purifying ceramic tile using steam
  • Polishing concrete
  • Maintenance of Hard Floors

High-traffic areas are likely to become dirty from wet feet, so be sure to stock up on cleaning supplies so you can preserve a good impression on consumers. You'll be doing your part to keep your building's worth intact, too!

Cleaning Tips

4. Window Cleaning

In the winter, everyone could use more natural light, so please let Edomey open all the curtains and blinds they can. It doesn't matter whether your building is a high rise or a low rise; window cleaning services are accessible for both. Even during the darkest days of fall, you can allow as much light into your home as possible by keeping your windows clean and clear.

Please begin your winter cleaning now so you may enjoy the season to the fullest! Companies in the Greater Toronto Area, the Greater Vancouver Area, and the Vancouver Island region can all benefit from Edomey Cleaning Janitorial's professional janitorial services, commercial office cleaning, building maintenance, healthcare facility, and post-construction cleaning.