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4 Steps of Floor Maintenance in Burnaby 2022

The cleaning, maintenance, and polishing of various floor types all benefit from the usage of non-woven nylon and natural hair pads for various purposes. There is a wide variety of flooring materials that we carry floor pads for, including vinyl composition tile (VCT), natural stone (NS), terrazzo (CT), ceramic tile (CT), and concrete.

Edomey Cleaning secretly advises you 4 major steps in the process of floor maintenance in Burnaby: Stripping, Scrubbing and Cleaning, Buffing and Polishing, and Burnishing. Accomplishing the finest possible look and maximizing the lifespan of the floor requires familiarity with each process and the appropriate floor pads used in each.

Floor Maintenance in Burnaby

Step 1: Stripping

There will come a moment during the floor's lifespan when the finish must be totally removed and the floor refinished. When the flooring's finish has worn down to the surface, when the finish is chipping or flaking, when there are stains, and/or when there is imbedded filth that cannot be removed with standard cleaning, this will need to be done. The Ultra Blue Stripper, High Productivity Black Stripping, and Black Super Strip are just some of the harsh floor pads and stripping solutions used in the procedure. An open weave pattern on all three pads reduces bulk and quickens the stripping procedure.

  • When dealing with very worn flooring, the Ultra Blue Stripper pad is what you want to use.
  • To get rid of thick layers of wax, use the High Productivity Black Strip pad.
  • With little wear and wax buildup, the Black Super Strip pad is ideal for ordinary stripping tasks.
 Floor Maintenance in Burnaby

Edomey's Stripping Work

 Floor Maintenance in Burnaby

Edomey's Stripping Work

 Floor Maintenance in Burnaby

Edomey's Stripping Work

 Floor Maintenance in Burnaby

Edomey's Stripping Work

  •  Floor Maintenance in Burnaby

Step 2: Scrubbing and Cleaning

Scrubbing and cleaning are 2 popular steps in the process of floor maintenance in Burnaby used to remove moderate soiling and scuff marks from a surface's finish. One or two coats of finish will be stripped away during this procedure. In order to give the floor a fresh look, it is first cleaned. Regular maintenance using a low-speed machine (175-350 RPM), spray cleaner, and scrubbing pad like the Green Super Scrub or Blue Super Clean may prolong the life of a floor's coating and prevent premature peeling.

  • If there are deep scuff marks or a lot of dirt to get rid of, use the Green Super Scrub pad.
  • When more than just light cleaning is required, go for the Blue Super Clean pad and get to work.
Floor Maintenance in Burnaby
Floor Maintenance in Burnaby
Floor Maintenance in Burnaby

Step 3: Buffing and Polishing

Floors should be buffed and polished once a week or as needed to retain the shine of the finish and get rid of any dust or grime that has settled on the surface between cleanings. It may be done wet, using a spray buffing solution, or dry, and it prevents debris from being entrenched in the finish, reducing the frequency with which washing and cleaning are required.

Typically, nylon pads are used for smooth surfaces, whereas natural hair pads are utilized for rougher surfaces. One may use a high-speed machine (above 350 RPM) or a low-speed machine (175 RPM) ( 350-1200 RPM). The Red Buffer or Red Buffer Plus is used for low-speed wet buffing operations.

  • In order to get a high gloss surface and do some light cleaning, use the red buffer pad.
  • When you only need to do some little buffing and polishing, go for the Red Buff Plus pad.
  • The White Super Gloss pad is designed for low-speed, dry or light mist applications to produce a high-gloss, mirror-like finish.

Natural hair pads, such as the Grizzly, Grizzly Bear Lite, and Ultra Grizzly Bear, are used for high-velocity wet buffing.

  • When used on medium-to-hard surfaces, the Grizzly pad quickly and easily buffs away deep scratches and blemishes, leaving behind a mirror-like sheen.
  • To get a high shine on flexible and soft surfaces, use a Grizzly Bear Lite pad.
  • Quickly restore a high gloss finish on medium to hard surfaces after removing scratches and blemishes with the Ultra Grizzly Bear pad.
Floor Maintenance in Burnaby

Step 4: Burnishing

This method is used on a daily basis to restore a coating's gloss level to a moderate or high state using a dry application. For this, we utilize nylon and natural hair pads and run them through machines that spin at high and ultra-high speeds (1000-3000 RPM).

  • The Pink "Topshine" Burnish pad may replace natural hair pads in medical settings due to its ability to restore gloss to harsh finishes.
  • When it comes to light burnishing, the Champagne Polish and Burnish pad provide the best results.
  • The Grizzly pad is great for erasing deep scratches and leaving hard surfaces with a mirror-like sheen.
  • When used on surfaces with a soft to medium finish, as well as those with some give, the Grizzly Bear Lite pad creates a brilliant shine.
  • For light to medium scratches and scuffs, use the Ultra Grizzly Bear pad.
  • The Mint Soft Burnish pad keeps medium to soft finishes looking shiny and moist.
  • The Lite Blue Burnish Pad is ideal for medium to soft finishes, producing a high gloss appearance.
  • When used on surfaces ranging from soft to medium and without metal, the Aqua Ultra High-Speed Burnish pad creates a wet effect.
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