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4 Positive Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Only a fraction of the 70,000 novel chemical compounds that have been developed and released into the environment since 1950 have been studied for toxicity to humans, say physicians Herbert Needleman and Phillip J. Landrigan. Sadly, many of these eco-friendly cleaning chemicals are present in the cleaning products and cleaning services that we use everyday in our workplaces, endangering both people and the environment. However, there is a fantastic alternative: green cleaning services, which will provide a clean workplace space without compromising employees' health.

Below Are four ways in which eco-friendly cleaning services might help you. Get in touch with Edomey Cleaning right now if you want more information about non-toxic cleaning.

4 Advantages of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

Below Are four ways in which eco-friendly cleaning services might help you.

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1. Protect You from Harmful Substances Exposure On Things

Most people don't realize that many common non-eco friendly cleaning solutions contain poisonous substances. When cleaning service employs these items, your employees are more likely to be exposed to the hazardous chemicals they contain, including phthalates, toluene, and formaldehyde, via inhalation and skin contact.

Employees may have either immediate or delayed health effects from contact with harmful cleaning solution residue left on workplace surfaces such as floors, door knobs, countertops, and tables. Asthma and reproductive harm have been linked to prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals like those found on kitchen countertops, which may irritate the skin and eyes. There is currently a lack of definitive evidence, but there is a suspicion that certain cleaning products include carcinogenic substances that pose a serious harm to human health over the long term.

If you choose eco-friendly cleaning services, your staff will be far less likely to be exposed to harmful chemicals used in conventional cleaning. Instead, you may be certain that everyone in the workplace will be secure and that everything will be spotless.

2. Reduce Eco Footprint

By using eco-friendly cleaning products, your company may greatly lessen its negative effects on the environment. While many commercial disinfectants are effective at killing germs, they also have a negative effect on the environment. Phosphorus, nitrogen, and ammonia, which are common in cleaning supplies, are environmental dangers that find their way into streams after usage.

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Non eco-cleaning products containing dangerous substances, for instance, release significant amounts of chemicals into water systems whenever they are used to clean a toilet or sink. This causes problems for aquatic life. These compounds have the potential to kill large numbers of aquatic species and have a negative effect on the environments in which they live.

Airborne pollutants from traditional cleaning agents released from buildings also pollute the surrounding environment and rivers. Greenhouse gases, including those released by aerosol cans of cleaning supplies, contribute to the loss of the ozone layer and accelerate global warming. Perhaps most shocking is the fact that certain commonly used disinfectant and sanitizer solutions can actually promote the growth of resistant strains of bacteria. According to research, even brief contact with specific low concentrations of chemicals included in these items might cause resistance and put users at danger.

Toxic chemicals may be replaced with biodegradable materials that are safe for humans and the environment when you employ a green cleaning service.

3. Better Air For The Workplace

Imagine what the air quality is like inside your workplace if the harmful cleaning solutions you're employing have an adverse effect on the environment outside.

Conventional non eco-friendly cleaning solutions including aerosol spray cans, bleach, detergents, and carpet and floor cleaners include several components that are harmful to people if inhaled. The use of these items in the workplace increases the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the air, which may cause discomfort for employees in the form of eye, throat, skin, and head irritation. More dangerously, persistent respiratory difficulties, allergic responses, or asthma might develop with prolonged contact.

You may have a positive impact on the health and happiness of your staff as well as the health of the planet by switching to organic and natural cleaning supplies for the workplace.

4. Improve Triple Bottom Line

Employees, consumers, and investors, to name a few, have come to increasingly anticipate that companies would embrace environmental responsibility on their own. For this reason, "people, planet, and profit" (the "triple-bottom line mentality") has become the bedrock of many businesses. Stakeholders demand evidence that a company is not just making money but also contributing to the greater good of society and the planet.

Your company may demonstrate its dedication to the triple bottom line and its support for CSR activities by spending money on a green cleaning service. Stakeholders will see that you've decided to cut down on carbon emissions deliberately, which is good for morale in every department.

Edomey Cleaning - Your Reliable Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

You can be certain that your workplace will be just as clean with a green cleaning service as it would be with traditional solutions, and your staff will appreciate the positive impact on their health and well-being.

Edomey Cleaning only uses non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning supplies and techniques. We are aware that every company has its own set of demands and difficulties. Toxic cleaning chemicals may aggravate existing conditions in many people, including those with asthma, allergies, or sensitivity to the skin. Edomey Cleaning values each member of your staff.

Join us as we show you how to clean without using harmful chemicals. Just because something is non-toxic doesn't imply it's unsanitary or of low quality. Whenever feasible, we will employ EcoLogo or Green Seal certified goods in your workplace. Cleaning using non-toxic products is equally as effective as cleaning with hazardous chemicals, but the byproduct is cleaner air.

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