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4 Insurances You Need For Cleaning Companies in Vancouver 2022

Cleaning companies in Vancouver including owners and its personnel are all safeguarded against financial ruin in the event of a lawsuit or an accident by purchasing cleaning insurance. And whether you provide professional cleaning services, janitorial services, carpet cleaning, or window cleaning, in many jurisdictions you must have one.

It's fantastic news, that's for sure. As daunting or costly as it may seem, obtaining insurance is really rather simple.

This piece will shed light on the murky world of insurance for housekeepers. In this article, we will discuss the importance of business insurance, the various policies available, and the procedures involved in obtaining a quotation.

When Do I Need Cleaning Insurance, And How Do I Get It?

You require cleaning insurance if you own a cleaning company and you or your workers provide services at a client's office, apartment, or commercial location.

Cleaning insurance is essential if you work in any of the following industries:

  1. Home, Office, and Building Cleaning
  2. Purification of public spaces by janitors
  3. Cleaning Windows
  4. Clean carpets with a pressure washer
  5. Removing trash from containers or other bins

Why Is It Important For Cleaning Companies In Vancouver To Be Insured?

Having cleaning business insurance helps safeguard your firm against the risk of being sued or being involved in an accident, both of which have the potential to derail your business strategy. It is often needed by law for cleaning firms to obtain business insurance if they have workers, corporate cars, or real estate in their possession.

Imagine this as an additional barrier standing between your company and any possible dangers to the money it generates. When you have insurance, it's like putting on a pair of rubber gloves or a face mask; it frees your mind to concentrate on the task at hand rather than on what may go wrong.

Customers will see immediately that you take your job seriously if you have cleaning business insurance. It has the potential to aid in establishing trust and putting individuals at rest. Having insurance demonstrates to your customers that you are concerned about the safety of their property, whether it is their workplace or their house.

Cleaning Companies in Vancouver

What Kind Of Liability Coverage Is Required?

All professional cleaning companies in Vancouver should have general liability insurance as a minimum level of protection. In the event of an accident or damage to property, you and your employees will be protected no matter where it occurs.

When looking for insurance for cleaning businesses, you may also want to consider:

  • Company's structure
  • Company's equipments
  • Company's vehicle

An outline of the most typical insurance coverages follows.

Cleaning Companies in Vancouver

1. General Liability insurance

If your business is sued for injuries or property damage, general liability insurance may help pay for the associated expenses. There are three primary situations that it may address:

The term "bodily injury" refers to any harm done to a person's body as a result of your commercial activities.

Damages to a person's reputation or feelings might also be considered personal harm if they are the consequence of your company's actions. If a customer were to sue you for damages because of a breach of confidential information, for instance, you would need to be prepared to defend yourself.

If cleaning companies in Vancouver are at fault for damaging another person's property, you will be held liable for property damage.

Fun fact:

Edomey Cleaning possesses a certificate of liability insurance that covers up to 5 million.

2. Vehicle Insurance

Commercial car insurance is required if your cleaning company has vehicles that you or your staff will be using.

If you're a cleaner who drives a sedan to and from clients' homes, you should get business car coverage in addition to your personal policy. Note that it doesn’t work the other way around (you can’t apply your personal auto insurance to your workplace car).

You will need hired and non-owned auto insurance if you need workers to use their own vehicles for work purposes or if you require them to use rented vehicles. It’s a form of business car coverage that helps pay for accident costs in certain cases.

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3. WCB - Worksafe

Employers and employees alike may rest easy knowing that WorkSafeBC insurance is there to cover any potential risks associated with on-the-job accidents or illnesses. After signing up and paying the required premiums, an employer is shielded against lawsuits filed by employees who have had work-related injuries or have contracted an occupational illness.

Unless excluded, every business in British Columbia must obtain WorkSafeBC insurance for its employees. Any individual, partnership, company, organization, or other legal body that employs one or more employees or unregistered subcontractors is considered an employer.

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