3 Simple Ways to Maintain Retail Flooring Clean 2023

If you want to attract customers and keep them secure while you shop, you need to keep your store clean. Shop owners and managers need to implement measures to prevent the spread of disease-causing germs, filth, and grime as COVID-19-related environmental regulations and standard operating procedures (SOPs) become more stringent. This will guarantee the health of your employees and encourage customers to return.

With so much foot activity, the flooring of a retail establishment may be difficult to keep spotless. This is why we at Sunrise Industrials Cleaners have put together a list of five simple steps you can take to maintain a clean and healthy store floor.

When potential clients enter a shop for the first time, you may either create a good impression or turn them off with a sloppy appearance. You should prioritize floor cleaning since 42% of customers judge the cleanliness of a store by looking at the floor. These are three simple strategies for maintaining a clean shop space floor.

1. Install Dirt-Trapping Rugs in Lobbies

Since most dirt tracked inside your establishment arrives on guests' shoes, strategic placement of area rugs is essential. Think about putting dirt-trapping area rugs in the lobby, in addition to the welcome mats, to keep the space clean.

While there are many other types of dirt-trapping carpets to choose from, the ones crafted from microfiber fabric are the most efficient because to the minuscule strands included inside them. Microfibers inherently attract static electricity, which draws dirt particles into the cloth and removes them from the surface being cleaned.

Choose rug options that can be quickly washed and dried so that your company always looks its best. Think about how big your rugs are in proportion to the entrance, and keep in mind that bigger carpets may do a better job of removing dirt and debris from shoes.


2. Schedule Regular Cleaning Services

If your store is in bad shape, you probably won't spend money fixing it up. As customers enter your store, they will immediately notice the condition of the floors.

Cleaning on a regular schedule will prevent the grit and grime from shoes from being embedded in the floor. It will also help you provide a good first impression to potential clients and show that your business is serious about cleanliness and, by extension, the security of its employees and clients.


3. Create Daily Floor Checks Schedule

Although it's ideal to prevent spills before they happen, accidents with children or adults sneaking food into your company are always a possibility. The good news is that issues with the flooring may be caught early and dealt with proactively if inspections are performed often.

Establishing a regular hourly floor inspection plan can ensure that your floors are always spotless. It's not enough to just traverse the whole floor once an hour to check for spills; cleaning supplies should be kept in conveniently accessible locations as well.

Maintaining clean hardwood, linoleum, or tile floors may seem like a waste of time and resources, but doing so might help avoid an expensive slip and fall occurrence, which would end up saving you money in the long run. Maintaining a journal of who inspected the floor and when may serve as evidence of care in the event of an accident.

3. Stripping and Waxing Floor Regularly

Maintaining regular floor stripping and waxing will help your shop seem more professional. During the stripping process, wax is removed from floors using specialised products, revealing the vinyl below. After that, new wax is applied in many layers to seal the floor and give it a shiny, spotless appearance.

Waxing the floors not only makes them seem nice and uniform, but it is also a crucial safety measure since shiny floors provide more traction for standard rubber-soled shoes, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Waxing the floors of a company may help preserve the flooring and keep it free of scuffs and scratches.

While the frequency of floor stripping and waxing should be based on the volume of foot traffic in your establishment, most businesses might benefit from doing it every four to six months.

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