benefit comparation of in and after-hours cleaning

3 Reasons Why After-Hours Cleaning is the Best Option for Offices 2022

Commercial cleaning companies have hundreds of customers from day to night, from start-ups to multibillion-dollar conglomerates. Some of the business clients prefer to have their services completed during regular business hours, while others appreciate the convenience of having us come in after hours to clean.

Big and busy facilities usually employ day porters to clean and sanitize public restrooms, empty trash cans and wipe down railings. But dusting, wiping, vacuuming, mopping, and rubbish collection are all done at night to provide a safe, effective, and cost-efficient cleaning service which is opted for by the majority of businesses that prefer after-hours cleaning.

Let's look at the alternatives to show why after-hours cleaning is preferable:

1. Efficiency

benefit comparation of in and after-hours cleaning

It might be difficult to choose the best time to schedule your business's cleaning. When someone is responsible for maintaining cleanliness throughout the day, problems may be addressed as soon as they arise. Contrarily, cleaning at night allows for easier access to spaces that would normally be occupied by personnel. Consider the space beneath and the back of the desk.

What works best for you and your staff members? What can you afford? How will cleaning affect your energy consumption? These are just a few points to think about while deciding between cleaning at night or during the day. Let's take a look at the upsides of each so you can make an informed choice.

Benefits of Daytime Cleaning

It is more efficient, in terms of energy usage, to clean during the day. Having the lights on all night when no one is present is a waste of money. As an added bonus, cleaners may make better use of natural light rather than artificial light throughout the day.

If the waste has to be taken to a dumpster outside the building or if the cleaners have to maintain the pathways and entrances, daytime cleaning is the safest option. They'll be able to conduct a safer job because to improved visualization.

As a result, you can schedule your daytime cleaning around your employees' shifts with no trouble. The cleaning staff, for instance, can show up early in the morning to start vacuuming and doing other distracting tasks before workers even arrive. They'll be able to get the less intrusive tasks done when workers are around.

Employee turnover is another factor to think about. The day shift has been shown to have a lower turnover rate than the after-hours cleaning shift across all sectors. Based on this data, scheduling your cleaning throughout the day may result in more reliable service from the same trustworthy cleaners. They would have a better understanding of the building's requirements and need less time to train.

 benefit comparation of in and after-hours cleaning

Benefits of Night Cleaning

There are several advantages to choosing after-hours cleaning over daytime cleaning. First, there will be fewer disruptions to your everyday activities. The answer is yes, and commercial cleaning staff are prepared to work quietly and effectively at any time of day or night. However, there are many who would rather have the cleaning done at night to avoid any potential inconveniences.

The after-hours cleaning is better done for health and safety reasons. Noise is decreased since professionals run the cleaning equipment after hours. While workers are present, less dust is created while cleaning with brooms, dustpans, and vacuums. Furthermore, there will be no unpleasant scents left behind by the cleaning products.

2. Safety

Unlike office workers, cleaning personnel will be equipped with safety gear appropriate for any situation. The cleaners will be equipped with the required safety gear to protect themselves in the event of a fall when cleaning high surfaces like ceiling fans and light fixtures. There is no need to worry about the safety of nearby office workers if they want after-hour cleaning. In addition, cleaners will use protective equipment like gloves and goggles, but your staff likely won't. Nightly office cleaning eliminates this concern since it takes place while no one is in the building. There are about 20 million individuals in North America who are allergic to dust mites, so someone in your building may not like it if you dust throughout the day. Improve office safety and health by adopting a nightly cleaning routine.

 benefit comparation of in and after-hours cleaning
 benefit comparation of in and after-hours cleaning

3. Efficiency / Cost

Employees may experience disturbance from cleaners, but the tables may also be turned. You could have seen a cleaner scrubbing the floor of the hallway as you passed by. To reach where you're going, you'll have to tread carefully across the freshly mopped floor, maybe leaving footprints that will have to be cleaned by the cleaner again. You want your workers to come to work to a clean office, but you also don't want them to accidentally run into the cleaning crew. Office cleaners may get more done without having to worry about anybody interrupting them if they come in at night to tidy up the place. Surface cleaning and mopping high-traffic areas may be completed more quickly and with fewer interruptions.

Employees attempting to get their job done in a noisy environment may find it difficult to concentrate while cleaning equipment is in operation. Using noisy cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners during office hours might prompt complaints from staff. Alternatively, your staff may be deep in concentration when a cleaner comes in and begins wiping things down and shifting stuff, all the while making a lot of noise. Cleaning the workplace at night will ensure that your staff is not interrupted as they try to get their job done. Carpets, upholstered furniture, vacuums, bathrooms, and kitchens are best cleaned while no one is there.