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2023 Differences Between Industrial cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

You, the business owner, need to know the difference between commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning in order to choose the best solution for your company.

Knowing the difference between the two will help you make an educated choice about which cleaning service is best for your company, even though they both use expert cleaners.

As a prelude to comparing and contrasting them, let's define what each of these services really is:

1. Commercial Cleaning


Job Task

Removing grime, dust, and stains from a business's public areas is the job of a commercial cleaner. A professional cleaner may use the use of chemicals or mechanical equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, to get the job done.

The objective is to make the area secure enough for the many different sorts of individuals that use there.

Managers and owners of commercial properties often hire professional cleaners to ensure that their buildings are always clean and safe for patrons. The cleanliness of a facility is crucial to the health and well-being of its occupants.

A commercial cleaner's job is to keep an office or business clean and free of germs and other contaminants that might shorten the life of equipment and furniture.

Clients type:

In general use, "commercial cleaning" refers to the regular cleaning of public spaces like offices, supermarkets, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, and so on. Commercial cleaners can be found in a wide variety of settings, including offices (where they remove trash and vacuum carpets), dining establishments (where they wipe down tables after customers have finished eating), shopping malls (where they sweep floors and mop entrances), educational institutions (where they clean desks between periods), daycares (where they keep rooms tidy throughout the day), and other commercial businesses (where they do all of the above and more).

Equipments & Tools

Soap-based detergents, disinfectants, degreasers, and hard surface polishes/waxes/buffers make up the bulk of the commercial cleaning industry. Cleaning products used in a commercial setting are safe for human consumption.

2. Industrial cleaning


Job Task

When it comes to cleaning up industrial trash, which sometimes includes more dangerous materials, only trained experts should be trusted with the task.

Surfaces are protected against oil, fats, dust, waterborne contaminants, and chemicals via industrial cleaning. Chemicals and other materials are used in industrial cleaning to get rid of grit, oil, and other contaminants.

Industrial cleaning may help your business prevent food poisoning and other illnesses by maintaining hygiene standards in the workplace.

When disinfecting or deodorising a space, industrial cleaners typically utilise chemicals, so it's necessary for them to be familiar with the substances they'll be dealing with.

In addition to standard cleaning, pest control, allergy cleans, deep cleaning, waste management, mould removal, and grounds upkeep are all part of industrial cleaning. Professional industrial cleaners have the tools and expertise to rapidly and effectively restore your property to its pre-damaged state.


Client's type:

Factories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and power plants are just some of the large-scale establishments that fall within the purview of "industrial cleaning."

The same attention to detail is required in the pharmaceutical industry, thus industrial cleaning is also performed at factories that produce medical supplies.

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Equipments & Tools

Solvents like acetone, ester, and alcohol are too weak for use in a factory setting. And sulfuric and hydrochloric acid are required to break down even harder stains. Cleaning staff in industrial settings must wear protective gear designed for handling biohazardous materials because the chemicals they employ are so potent and dangerous.

Cleaning services geared at the general public (commercial) tend to concentrate on high-traffic areas, while those catering to businesses (industrial) tend to devote more resources to more labor-intensive processes (such as heavy-duty scrubbing, foaming, and pressure washing).

Many businesses use professional cleaners to maintain a sanitary environment for their customers and employees. Deep cleaning equipment, high levels, or flooring that has been badly soiled by chemicals are examples of the kind of assignments that generally need the services of industrial cleaners.

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