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2022 Seasonal Commercial Cleaning Guide for SME Businesses

A seasonal commercial cleaning guide's specific geographic location may affect certain features, but many of the most important considerations are common to all sorts of organizations. In spite of the pandemic, cold and flu season is just a matter of time away. As the new school year begins, a lot of attention has been paid to the well-being of teachers and kids. At the same time, medical centres, retail stores, industrial facilities, and office buildings have the same level of risk to employees and visitors. It is possible to help keep the workplace clean while also reducing the transmission of germs and diseases to those who come into contact with the workers at the end of the day thanks to a seasonal commercial cleaning plan.

1. Spring Cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a beloved tradition for not only our clients but also many commercial cleaning services. We all are inspired by the better weather and longer hours of sunshine to tackle the jobs we've been putting off. It's a piece of cake when you hire commercial cleaners year-round. Edomey's professional commercial cleaning services, such as window washing and hard floor maintenance, may be requested in the spring after a long, cold winter. HEPA vacuums are great for anyone with allergies, so make use of them. In addition, you may want to try putting an air filter in the vicinity of your office.

Businesses in Vancouver, Burnaby, etc.. may recover the real spirit of Spring Cleaning by hiring a professional commercial cleaning services company like Edomey to handle your daily cleaning needs. Spend some time decluttering, switching out your seasonal work gear, arranging your office desk, cleansing your file cabinets, and clearing up your brain space.

Regardless of whether your business requires extra services, now is the ideal time to schedule daily disinfection, mopping, and vacuuming with your normal commercial cleaning supplier. If you've never used one before, you need to do so immediately. Edomey experts are ready to assist you this autumn in ensuring the safety and health of everyone who enters your company.

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2. Summer Time.

It is possible that summer heat and activity patterns will have an impact on your regular business cleaning plan. No matter whether the school is gone for the summer or is "out for good," administrators may be tempted to reduce or eliminate their commercial cleaning services completely. This is such a mistake. For your building to last as long as possible and for the health of people who still need to frequent it, it is essential that you maintain consistency in your operations.

To guarantee that the health benefits of cleaning continue for as long as possible, Edomey | Janitorial Cleaning Services team believes that keeping a regular cleaning practise, even if it is temporarily reduced, is the most effective strategy. Please keep in mind that the summer may be quite severe for both people and buildings alike. Depending on where you live and what you do, the humidity, rain, hurricanes, and other environmental conditions may have a big impact on the integrity of your workplace and your own well-being. While your workers, instructors, clients, or students are not on the job or attending school, you may assist avoid some of these long-term impacts by maintaining your company cleaning routine.

3. Fall Season

Back-to-school cleaning is especially necessary for the fall, when most classrooms, corridors, and locker rooms have been left mostly untouched. Before welcoming back staff and students on the first day, hiring a professional commercial cleaning company for deep cleaning is always an excellent idea, followed by a routine, daily commercial cleaning. It's more critical than ever to have an expert commercial cleaning service maintain high levels of cleanliness in schools as the epidemic continues to spread.

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The concept of a summer break isn't exclusive to academic institutions. To begin off the fiscal year, a commercial cleaning service company is the best partner for businesses that see decreased attendance in the summer. With the objective of reopening this autumn in mind, many firms throughout the nation continued to minimize their office space.

Edomey provides on-demand "deep cleaning" to assist companies to get ready for the changing of the seasons. In the case of a disease outbreak, well-trained cleaners from Edomey can come to your location and do an electrostatic spay or contaminated clean. Preventative and disinfecting services for hard floors, tile, grout, and upholstery that have been ignored during a prolonged shutdown may also be necessary this autumn.

4. Winter - Holiday Season

As the number of daylight hours decreases in the winter, commercial buildings prefer to shut their windows, crank up the heat, and crank up the lights. Dust is more likely to accumulate when there is less air movement. Flu and other contagious diseases spread more easily when people spend more time indoors, where they are more likely to come into contact with high-touch areas. In the winter, when dangerous respiratory infections are at their height, your professional commercial cleaning firm must pay close attention to these high-touch sites.

A unique set of cleaning challenges arises during the Christmas shopping season when customers return to physical businesses. This means that retailers will have to be especially vigilant about the cleanliness of their storefronts, fitting rooms, and checkouts. You should always inform your business cleaning service provider if your traffic patterns or displays alter in any way since this might have an effect on the cleanliness of your high-touch areas