17 Simple Tips For Office Cleaning In Vancouver

To keep things operating well in a professional atmosphere, it's important to maintain the workplace area tidy. Keeping a workplace clear of clutter and other hidden variables like germ accumulation on common surfaces like desks, counters, and keyboards takes a lot of cleaning work. Missing papers, unpleasant odours, and coworkers who are unable to work because of sickness may all be signs that you are not keeping up with the regular cleaning activities necessary in an office. Following these 17 easy-to-implement office cleaning in Vancouver, which you can add into your regular cleaning schedule.

17 Effective Office Cleaning in Vancouver Tips


1. Organization

There is no limit to the quantity of paper crowding your desk, even in the digital era. Clutter control like this may alleviate a great deal of workplace tension and irritation, not to mention that everyone's workstation will be neat and tidy as a result.

2. Dusting

Keeping surfaces clean and free of dust is a fantastic approach to prevent germs from spreading between employees. It's a good idea to use disinfectant wipes on keyboards, phones, and other surfaces towards the end of the week to reduce dust and increase productivity by reducing the likelihood of employees becoming ill.


3. Have a Checklist

Receiving work without clear directions on how to finish it may be very stressful in any profession. Informing your employees that it's time to clean the office is one thing, but if you don't tell them what they should concentrate their cleaning efforts on, you may discover that the workplace never gets as clean as you'd want. You won't have to wonder why certain sections of the workplace aren't being cleaned if you have a checklist that clearly outlines what needs to be cleaned. This checklist may be used to distribute cleaning chores around the whole workplace, so that no one person is responsible for the majority of the cleaning.


4. Carpet Cleaning

The majority of workplaces have some kind of carpeting installed. It doesn't matter how many offices have carpet, or how much of your workplace is covered in it, the carpet in an office may begin to show its age in a matter of months. Cleaning office carpets and runners using a vacuum cleaner on a weekly basis is a good start, but thorough cleaning carpets is occasionally necessary in order to remove any imbedded dust, filth, or germs. You may either hire a professional cleaner or rent a deep carpet cleaner in these situations.

5. Designate a Spot for Everything

The lack of designated storage areas might make it difficult to keep track of both personal and shared belongings at work. Have you ever been annoyed when someone takes the office supplies you need to complete a project? You won't have to rummage through desk clutter or go around the workplace hunting for things anymore if you set up a designated area for your office supplies.


6. Kitchen Cleaning

As a follow-up to the checklist recommendation, you should always assign responsibility for kitchen cleaning to a specific individual or group. It's essential to provide your employees with a clean and safe location to cook their meals at work.

7. Empty Garbage & Recycling Bins

If the garbage containers aren't regularly emptied, scrap paper and other debris may soon accumulate. It's a good idea to have a few extra trash cans around the workplace in case one becomes overflowing, and to have them all cleaned up at least once every week.

8. Breakroom/ Lunchroom

In the event that you have a separate break room at work, it's also a good idea to set a time and somebody to clean it. It's a good idea to have a rotating roster of office cleaners so that everyone feels like they have a stake in the cleanliness of the workplace!

9. Upgrade Your Equipment

To save yourself and your employees time, make sure they have the most up-to-date cleaning tools. As a manager, it's important to keep in mind that your employees are there to do their tasks and not spend all of their time cleaning.

11. Practice Green Cleaning

Lack of use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions in the workplace may result in a significant amount of waste and pollutants, depending on the size of your organisation. It's a good idea to use non-toxic cleansers instead of toxic ones. If you don't already have one, it's a good idea to have an office recycling system in place.


12. Fake Plants

Real plants at the workplace may be attractive, but they will eventually wilt and die. It's possible that an indoor plant might unintentionally trigger an allergic response in a worker. Even if you don't have a lot of space in your workplace, you may still liven it up with a few artificial plants and flowers.

13. Keep Dusters and Disinfectants On Hand

The majority of your workers will share your desire for a tidy and secure work environment, so give them as many chances as possible to take the initiative and clean up after their own mess. Keeping disinfectant wipes and Swiffers readily accessible in the office may go a long way toward ensuring a clean workplace.

14. Purchase Trash Can Liners

If you additionally have to deal with the inconvenience of cleaning the garbage container, taking out the trash can be a real pain. Every week, when it's time to take out the garbage, you may save a lot of time and work by supplying everyone with can liners.

15. Designate Eating Areas

When workers eat at their workstations, it may lead to messes on the desks and on the electronic equipment that is used in the office. Spills in the workplace may be minimised by designating a specific location for employees to eat.

16. Customize A Cleaning Schedule

Perhaps once a week, each person should spend 10 to 15 minutes clearing up their own space. Make the cleaning effort run more easily and hold everyone responsible for the cleanliness of their workstation and desk by using this strategy.

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17. Hire Professionals

After a time, you could think about how much it would cost to hire a cleaning company. There will be no more worries about the cleanliness or health of your workplace when a team of experts like those at Total Commercial Solutions is in charge of your cleaning. To learn more about our office cleaning services, call or email us now!