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10 Common Questions About Commercial Cleaning Pricing in 2022

If you are in the market looking for a commercial cleaning service for your office, you likely have many questions, ranging from those about cost and frequency to those about your unique requirements and potential upgrades.

Ask Yourself:

A good starting point may be to:

  1. Find out what you need help with that you can't accomplish on your own because of a lack of resources.
  2. Find the high-traffic spots that need the greatest maintenance.
  3. Find out what you want to be cleaned, disinfected, or sanitized in those areas.
  4. Get a ballpark estimate of the total square footage that has to be cleaned.
  5. Think about how often your company will require cleaning and plan accordingly.

Finally, you should consider the maintenance and lifespan of your company's assets, which include things like:

  1. Services for Carpet and Furniture Maintenance
  2. Upkeep of Hard Floors
  3. Duties: Washing Windows

If you want to get an accurate initial price for the commercial cleaning services you require, we'll help you dissect the most frequent elements that affect costs.


Common Pricing Factors Question

The most common aspect that will affect your cleaning quotation is the size of your business or building. Some businesses charge by the hour, while others charge by the square foot. Your quotation will increase since cleaning a bigger workplace will take longer than a smaller one.

Q: How Much Do Commercial Cleaners Charge Per Hour?

A: Ask if the cleaning estimate will be based entirely on the estimated time it will take to clean the area. Afterward, you may settle on an hourly charge that remains stable for the majority of cleanings.

The commercial cleaner will have already calculated a fee per square foot based on the overall area and, presumably, the objects they will be cleaning inside the space if the quotation is broken down by square footage.

It stands to reason that the time and money required to clean a smaller place with fewer objects would be less than that required to clean a bigger space with the same number of items.

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Q: Can We Save Money By Opting For Recurring Commercial Cleaning Services, And If So, How Much?

Yes. If you hire a business to do commercial cleaning on a regular basis, they will likely assign a team to your building. Many customers value a consistent cleaning schedule and cleaning crew. Benefiting from this is the professional business cleaning service as well, since they can count on regular payments from their patrons.

Q: How Frequent Do Commercial Cleaning Services Require For Your Office?

The frequency of your commercial cleaning services will depend on factors such as the volume of business, the number of workers, and the nature of your operation. Ask yourself the following questions and provide the answers to your office cleaning service when requesting a price on how often you should get your workplace cleaned.

  1. How large is your company
  2. Office size (small or huge)
  3. Large storage facility
  4. Storefront for retail
  5. Theatre
  6. Medical clinic
  7. Surgical facility

In terms of square footage, a firm might be tiny, medium, big, or exceptionally huge. Determine the square footage of the area(s) you need cleaned, as well as the frequency with which the area is used by visitors and staff. Your business cleaning service may then offer an appropriate cleaning schedule based on this information.

If you are operating a business where it requires strict adherence to disinfection and sanitization of surfaces, equipment, and objects, you may want to consider a daily cleaning frequency.

1. Number of employees...

Equally essential to the success of your firm as the number of square feet it occupies is the number of people working there. It's inevitable that as your workforce grows, so too will the frequency with which your carpets, floors, and toilets need cleaning. It's recommended that businesses with more than a handful of workers invest in daily cleaning services to maintain a clean and healthy workplace.

2. When do people typically visit our establishment?

Depending on the industry you're in, customers' standards for a spotless workplace may be greater. Perhaps less maintenance is required at an office than in a school or hospital. Daily cleaning of high-traffic areas is essential to keep them looking presentable and giving visitors a good first impression of your business and brand.

3. Which area needs to be cleaned?

It's possible that you'll still need a maintenance staff member or cleaner to maintain the cleanliness of high-traffic areas like public toilets. In fact, hiring a local porter service to maintain clean and supplied bathrooms at all times of the workday may be worth the cost if you have a large number of employees. How extensive is the cleaning you require?

Daily Cleaning area:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Lobbies
  • Storefronts and other public exhibits
  • Workstations
  • Convention Halls

Cleaning Tasks

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, not all companies are created equal. The quotation for cleaning a 2,000-square-foot office that just requires a light cleaning vs the same size office that needs regular weekly cleaning and thorough cleaning twice a month will likely be substantially different. There will always be flash points that need fixing in any sector.

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Q. Will The Number of Room I Need Cleaned Impact The Price?

A: Yes. Your estimate for commercial cleaning will be affected by the amount of jobs required each visit.

Q: How many cleaning or janitorial tasks does my business require?

A: You may wish to consider the following popular cleaning tasks that need attention in the majority of industries:

  • Cleaning and dusting surfaces
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping
  • Waste removal

Your company may need extra On-Demand or Preventative Maintenance cleaning services, including:

  • Services for thorough cleaning and disinfection
  • Eliminating stains from flooring
  • Cleaning breakroom equipment
  • Services of a Day Porter include: replenishing paper supplies in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Polishing furniture and wiping each article individually

When establishing an estimate for commercial cleaning, a professional business will request a walkthrough on site of the office. This is typically done in person, although many commercial cleaning businesses also do virtual walk-throughs. An examination of your workplace will establish, depending on your requests and cleaning requirements, the quantity of labour required to clean your company. You will also be able to discuss what services you want and how often they should be performed. To ensure you are receiving a fair estimate, compare bids from several cleaning services. Ask each business cleaning firm about their expertise and cleaning procedures, since not all cleaning processes and chemicals are created equal.

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